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This weeks blog showcases the transgenerational genetic study presented by Jean-Francois Grenot at the 2019 AVEN Conference in France on 28th September 2019.

GCLINVEST is an independant scientific aid company founded by Jean-François Grenot. In 2018 he left the board of directors of AVEN and also that of OBSIVEN in a voluntary way to avoid any conflict of interest by creating a scientific investigation aid company.

The presentation gave an update as to the progress of the study, including Dr Jean-Claude Kouyoumdjan who is also part of the study team.

AVEN are the sponsors of the study, with OBSIVEN developing the study and GCInvest performing the study.

The 1st phase of the study have been completed:

The participants of the study were defined:

The total duration of the study is 5 years:

The Financial situation was then explained, aligned with the annual budget of AVEN:

As you can see the quotation is a lot less than the estimated cost. The Phase 2 costs are then explained:

The Phases of the study were explained, with the study finishing in 2025:

Concluding the presentation:

Jean Francois then explained the participants of the study:

A question and answer session then followed:

From 2011 to 2018, Jean-Francois has contributed widely on the scientific, legal and political level, to the growth of AVEN and OBSIVEN. This study will serve the entire international community of victims of nuclear trials and above all prevent the risks of pregnancy in these families affected.

If you want to contact Jean-Francois Grenot, his contact details are:

GrenotClinvest 14 rue des Gardénias 77330 OZOIR-LA-FERRIERE - FRANCE ------------------------- tel +33 6 68 33 96 95 email:

This study is extremely important for the whole nuclear community across the world and he should be congratulated on his work so far and we hope this work will help all of the Victims of Nuclear testing.

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