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nuclear test veterans - The UK's Nuclear Scandal - Dennis Hayden
nuclear test veterans - The UK's Nuclear Scandal - Dennis Hayden

Available on Amazon as a Paperback (£14.99) or Kindle (£4.99) Edition. 


Dedicated to the memory of all who loyally served at UK nuclear weapon test locations

Foreword by Ian Anderson, legal practitioner on three continents

It is difficult to do justice in a short number of words to this truly remarkable book, which takes readers into the 'dark abyss' of the military/spy complex known as the British Ministry of Defence by meticulously documenting its psychotic lack of ethics and morality in defending one of Britain's most notorious peacetime violations of the Nuremberg Code.

Since the early 20th century, ionizing radiation was known to affect the very building blocks of life, namely atoms, which form molecules and living cells.

Despite this, The UK's Nuclear Scandal shows how post-World War II political expediency drive Britain to condemn approximately 30,000 young, healthy British and Commonwealth servicemen and their unborn children to the unprotected effects of ionizing radiation in experiments to develop atomic and nuclear weapons.

Like later government experiments with sarin gas on young unsuspecting troops, these healthy servicemen deployed at Australian and Pacific bomb test sites were not informed of the serious long-term health effects to themselves and their unborn children from internal radiation by inhaling plutonium and other alpha emitters released by the experimental detonations. Though accompanying scientists wore respirators and radiation suits, they were issued only with shorts and light shirts. Decades later, their bones and those of their dead children would be secretly moved for government analysis.

The UK's Nuclear Scandal: The true history of Britain’s nuclear weapons test experiments 1952 to 1967– a Cold War legacy of power, prestige and profit for the few at the cost of the health of many.

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