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Joe Pasquini was a Navigator in the Royal Air Force and flew through the Mushroom Cloud during the 'Grapple' series of the British Nuclear Tests. In his book, Joe gives an insight into Nuclear Cloud Sampling and exposes the truth.

nuclear test veterans - Curse of the Cloud Flyer - Joe Pasquini

In his explosive new book, Joe Pasquini (author of Flying between 2 suns) lifts the lid on the British Nuclear tests.


More than five decades after the end of the British nuclear tests, a few remaining survivors of the 76 Squadron Nuclear Cloud Flyers met for a reunion in the RAF Club in London.


During the intervening years they has scattered around the globe and followed a variety of different careers. The gather was the usual camaraderie, bon homie and 'line shooting' (boasting) to be expected from a tiny group of nuclear survivors. Most of the stories they recounted were far too outlandish to be taken seriously. But shortly after reading a variety of related documents, it became obvious that everyone had been telling the truth.


This book is a small compendium of just a few of the investigative reports that document the barbarism conducted by the Ministry of Defence, all condoned by the British Government.


If you are looking for an explosive story that blows the lid on the British Nuclear tests, the lies and deceit, then order it now. Available as a paperback and as eBook from Amazon.


If you liked 'Flying between two suns', then this book will make your blood boil. There are not many Nuclear Cloud Flyers left alive today, listen to Joe as he tells the true story of the testing program.

If you want to read more, you can purchase the book in paperback or eBook format from Amazon using the following links:



This book is dedicated to the many thousands of Commonwealth troops and unknowing civilians who took part in the development and testing of the United Kingdom nuclear bomb programme.


“At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, We will remember them.”

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