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nuclear test veterans - LABRATS

the dominic distance challenge - 2022

2022 is the 60th anniversary of Operation Dominic, a joint US/UK operation on Christmas Island in 1962. Eric Barton was present at the tests, as well as Alan Owen's father 'Jessie', who witnessed 24 detonations in 78 days.

You can help us raise awareness and funds to continue the fight for truth and justice by walking, running, or cycling 120K and receive a unique medal for your achievement.

nuclear test veterans and their families - Operation Dominic 1962

The detonations took place on Christmas Island between 25th April 1962 and 11th July 1962. (Other detonations took place, but these were on Johnston Island, 580 miles from Christmas Island and in the Pacific Ocean off California).

In December 2021, US President Joe Biden awarded the US participants a medal for their service. The UK Government refuses to formally recognise the UK participants of nuclear testing. By undertaking this challenge you can help us raise funds and awareness.


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