Marshall Islands Nuclear Remembrance Day

The Marshallese community, along with the nuclear frontline communities, welcomes you to attend the 2021 Nuclear Victims Remembrance Day. We will remember the Legacy of the Nuclear era and how it has led to today's pandemic, including the emerging issue on Climate Change. On March 1, 1954, the most powerful hydrogen bomb at 15 megaton, code name Castle Bravo, was detonated upon Bikini Atoll - Marshall Islands. To this day, generations of people are without home and food security and many face generational health disparities. Not even weapons of mass destruction can destroy Marshallese culture. We shall never forget the resilience and strength of nuclear frontline communities who continue to fight for dignity and respect to uplift their stories towards nuclear, health, and social justice.

The COFA Alliance National Network is honored to host this event with the Republic of the Marshall Islands National Nuclear Commission, People of the Enewetak, Bikini, Rongelap, Utrik and the Radiation Exposure Awareness Crusaders of Humanity Marshall Islands (REACH-MI), People of the Marshall Islands, including the Spokane 509 Marshallese Community, Washington and Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibilities (PSR) and the National Association of Atomic Clean-up Veterans - thousands of brothers who were stationed in the Lojwa Enewetak Marshall Islands from 1977-1980. We welcome other nuclear frontline communities, including People of the Native Tribal Nation, Hanford Downwinders, uranium workers, nuclear activists, and more.

While our hope and goal is that the event be held in person, we are closely tracking the COVID-19 pandemic and will take all necessary steps to ensure that the event is safe, which may require events to be moved online.

Please stay tuned for additional details including speakers and specific events, lodging, travel information, and more. Click the button below to sign up for updates and get the latest information on the event:

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