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LABRATS Logo - Legacy of the Atomic Bomb. Recognition for Atomic Test Survivors
Front of the Nuclear Test Veteran Medal

LABRATS represents nuclear veterans, atomic veterans, scientists, civilians, and their families across the world who have been affected by the Atomic / Nuclear Testing program.  We are one big family, connected together with one common bond.  Our Education, Recognition and Awareness program is a new ERA for the community. We are not affiliated with any UK political party and are not a political campaigning group.

The Atomic family, includes Veterans, descendants, indigenous people and organisations that represent all aspects of the Atomic tests. Thousands of people have been affected by the tests, and there are many organisations across the world representing these people. LABRATS brings all of these organisations together in one place. We want your stories and your input for our site.

#nukedblood scandal with the Daily Mirror

nuclear veterans launch legal action

At the All-Tests Reunion, the Nuclear community launched legal action against the Ministry of Defence. Demanding access to their blood records, the community came together with McCrue Jury and Partners to launch the case. 


Thanks to the Veterans foundation, we can now offer free membership to UK Veterans and descendants
Nuclear Test Veteran Medal design

apply for the nuclear test veteran medal

Applications for the Nuclear Testing medal which covers UK and Commonwealth troops, civilians and local employees in Australia and the South Pacific, under UK command, between 1952 and 1967 are now open. Next of kin may also apply.

online directory

Our Member Organisations and Individuals from across the world are listed in the directory. This online directory is the first of it's kind in the world, allowing people to contact their representatives within their country, ensuring that they are not forgotten and can receive any help they need.


Our free education resource is available 24/7, 365 days a year to anyone who wants to find out more about nuclear testing across the world. Let Jessie, Runit, Dom and Kitty teach you. With interactive quizes, testimonies and footage.





Videos from across the world.

Veteran testimonies, test footage, historical info and documentaries.

"I'll never forget that fateful day,
The day they stole my innocence away.
"Christmas Island" 1957, The 8th of November,
Is the day that I will always remember."

Alan Lockwood R.A.F. Equipment Section (Tent D11. Grapple X&Y 1957/8)

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