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nuclear test veterans - LABRATS


LABRATS Bracelet

LABRATS have teamed up with Notch to provide you with a unique bracelet, clip or tail. You can add as many notches as you like and build them up over time.


A grandfather of one of the employees of Notch (Mark Wilkinson) was an Atomic Veteran. He was a Royal Engineer who was sent with his comrades to test the first British Atomic bomb in the Montebello Islands under Operation Hurricane.

Montebello participation Certificate
Mark Wilkinson - Nuclear Veteran

Holly tells us about her grandfather:

He always mentioned his long journey there on a Ship, and how the only thing they got to eat for months was Rabbit, this was an ongoing joke in my family because after this he would never even speak of Rabbit ever again. Another thing he always mentioned from this trip was that he got a tooth pulled out on board the ship, from a dentist who had been practicing pulling teeth out of a shark, my Grandfather unfortunately was his first human client, so there are a couple humorous points to this story..


On the testing of the actual bomb, each soldier was only provided with a pair of goggles and a boiler suit. They were told to look away when the bomb went off, and my Grandfather always said that whilst he had his back turned, he could feel the pressure from it on the back of his neck. They were then allowed to turn around after the initial flash of light from the explosion, to watch the Mushroom Cloud. After a few days when they were sent back to inspect the island, my Grandfather always mentioned how the sand had turned like ‘a sheet of glass’ because of the intense heat, and seagulls were dropping out of the sky.


Years later when he went to doctors about his hearing, his ear specialist asked him ‘Have you ever been near a loud bang?’ which my Grandfather replied, ‘How about an Atomic Bomb?’.

Notch Tails

You can mix and match with other collections and personalise the colours and add images to each notch. One of our descendants also has their company 'Jackador' on the site as a notch.

They make great presents and the notches can be purchased at any time to add to your collection. LABRATS receive 10% of each notch purchased from our collection.

If you are looking for a unique present, which has a link to the Atomic testing program, order one now.

The LABRATS Collection includes:

Operation Antler

Operation Brigadoon

Operation Buffalo

Operation Dominic

Operation grapple

Operation Hurricane

Operation Mosaic

Operation Totem





Christmas Island

Emu Field

Malden Island


Montebello Islands



Radiation Symbols



Navy Ships (Full Fleet)

Royal Navy Ranks

British Army Ranks

RAF Ranks

Grapple NOTCH
Emu Field NOTCH
Risk & Rigour NOTCH
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