The MoD and the Forgery

Dave Whyte has battled the MoD for Justice over a number of years. His story is one of betrayal and despite evidence from leading experts, the MoD continue to fight him. Thousands of pounds of taxpayers money is being spent in legal fees.

This account is the most disturbing, the MoD forging documents and using it against him at every opportunity.

After my tour of duty at Christmas Island I was feeling rather depressed and decided to purchase my discharge.   I decided to apply for a posting to Aden where I could save up sufficient money.  

Whilst on my disembarkation leave, permission was granted to purchase my discharge, and I immediately travelled to Ripon. As I had not been taken onto the Units strength, there was no need to have a clearance certificate signed, I did not have clearance from the medical centre or any other department.   I paid my fees at the Squadron Office and left.   

I suffered numerous complaints, and visited Doctors on many occasions, only to be informed that nothing could be found. I realised that my ailments had commenced whilst at Christmas Island, and decided that radiation was the sole factor causing these problems.

I sent for my Service Medical records and found that a 'FORGED' release medical certificate attachments 'A' and 'B' had been added. 

I notified the Veterans Agency in 2013 and explained that this document was a forgery, but, no action was taken.

If we look at section 2(b) they ask for the Countries in which I had served. They only list Aden. No mention is made of Christmas Island and Germany where I had served prior to Christmas Island.

When we look at attachment 'B' section 11(a) my height 61 1/4 inches and weight 95 lbs.   This was the height and weight when I enlisted almost ten years previously.

Attachment 'C' gives my PULHEEMS assessments for November 1951, February 1952 and November 1954, I weighed 126 lbs in 1954.

I contacted the Ministry of defence regarding this forged document and received a reply from a Miss Vicky Reeds (attachment 'D' (refBAU0127/2013) stating:

"It is unclear from your letter whether you wish to pursue your allegation of forgery.   If you do wish to pursue it then a way forward would be for you to instruct a Solicitor (holding a practising certificate and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority) to engage a handwriting expert to compare your signature with the alleged forgery     The Solicitor can then correspond with us directly and we will investigate further.   Without this evidence we cannot proceed any further."

I consider this reply to be rather infantile. Why would I write in the first place, other than to complain.  

I sent the release certificate to a hand writing expert and he suggested that the 'Original' copy should be sent as a lot of character had been lost in photocopying.   I notified the Authorities regarding this matter, but nothing was done.  

This forged document is still in my court bundle and used at every 'KANGAROO COURT' which I have attended.

This shows the Contempt that the Ministry of Defence have regarding Service Personnel.

Dave Whyte

British Nuclear Test Veteran

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