The Damned - Everyone in the world should view this site.

The Damned is a website constructed from the writings of The Daily Mirror and has been constructed by Susie Boniface who has supported the British Nuclear Veterans since 2002.

Richard Stott (Former Mirror and People Editor) published many articles about the Nuclear Veterans and brought to the attention of the world the suffering of the Veterans and their families. He died on 30th July 2007 and Susie vowed to keep the recognition campaign going in his memory.

The site not only gives a history of the tests, but personalises the testing program with each Veteran or family that the Mirror has had contact with shown on the site.

Picture courtesy of the Damned

These images of young men who were at the peak of physical fitness and their individual stories is a frightening read. Whichever one you click on, they have all experienced health issues and their families are also suffering, through to the fourth generation.

The history of the British testing programme is well documented on this site, with documents obtained using Freedom of Information requests showing that the UK Government know about the effects on these men, but still deny any responsibility.

One such report from 1947 from Professor D G Catcheside highlights the dangers to the men:

This was 1947! The dangers were well documented and known to effect the men, but the trials and tests continued. Even listed was:

'Temporary or permanent sterility or reduced fertility'. Hereditary changes in later generations due to chromosome and gene changes'.

The site details the main tests carried out by the British and is the best interactive site, dedicated to the Nuclear Veterans. Every MP and senior Civil Servant in the country should be forced to read this site.

The Daily Mirror continues to support the Nuclear Veterans and the current editor Alison Phillips continues to provide space in the paper for articles from Susie and even gave up the front page to the cause in 2018.

The Medal recognition campaign has helped the BNTVA to lobby the UK Government for a medal review and has forced Gavin Williamson MP to reconstitute the Advisory Medal Sub Committee to look at their case.

If you have not visited the site, click here. Grab a glass of wine and delve into the history, the personal stories and you will be shocked as to what the UK Government have done to ensure that the true story of the Nuclear Tests is not revealed. Be warned, you will be angry and upset after reading the material.

The suicides, cancers, miscarriages, deformities and mental health issues experienced by the Veterans and their families is a shocking story the UK Governments do not want you to hear. These stories are the same across the world for all our Nuclear Veterans.

One document stands out in the 30,000 words of information on this site:

The paragraph which is most damning states:

'The army must discover the detailed effects of various types of explosion on equipment, stores and men with and without various types of protection'

This proves that the government experimented on these men in 1953 and the order was given to use them as guinea pigs. Many of these men were National Servicemen who had no choice.

If this site was given to students in their history classes when learning about the Cold War, perhaps the world would know more about these tests. Unfortunately, they do not form part of the national curriculum.

How much longer can the UK Government hold out, there is growing pressure from MP's, Veterans and the media on the MoD to come clean, admit your failings from 60 years ago and recognise the Veterans.

Please share this site with as many organisations as possible, tell your friends and family to promote it. If you are a teacher, show it to your pupils.

I am sure officials from the MoD will read this blog, if you are such an official, take the time to read the site, then tell me you cannot support the Nuclear Veterans.

I have read it and I am convinced that the UK Government continues to deny any responsibility for the experimentation on these men. 'Delay, Deny until we Die' is one such statement made by US Veterans who also face the same issues.

How can a Government who exposed not only British personnel, but people from the Commonwealth and the inhabitants of the islands and Australia to these terrifying tests continue to deny any responsibility when there is so much evidence from secret documents and the Massey Study which in 2007 proved that New Zealand participants of Operation Grapple have had the genetic structure altered? Is it a financial issue or a reputational issue?

Maybe one day the Government will accept responsibility for their actions over 60 years ago. Many of the MP's who are currently sit in the house are not old enough to remember the tests. Our current Prime Minister was not born when the first tests in the Monte Bello Islands were carried out. Perhaps she should read this site on her iPad on her various trips to Brussels.

The Damned puts together a powerful story of the British Nuclear Tests and is one which everyone in the world should read. If you haven't visited the site, do it now, you will not regret it.

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