David Whyte

Nuclear Veteran

Grapple ‘Y’ & ‘Z’

Christmas Island 1958

April 2021

In February I mentioned the Murder of L/Cpl Derek Redman, in March I mentioned the Prolific Liars within the Ministry of Defence and I have not had one response from the Government or, Ministry of Defence Officials.

Let us see if there is any reaction from ANNEX ‘A’ or, will the authorities remain silent and go back to their hiding holes, as they have done for almost 70 YEARS.

This is an article from the Australian newspaper the INDEPENDENT dated 11 June 2001.

Our Government continually criticises the likes of China, and Russia for their HUMAN RIGHTS, yet they permit, or indeed authorise, the killing of Mentally Impaired individuals. What sort of monster would permit this callous act against fellow human beings?

ANNEX ‘B’ is extracts from several documents and shows a lack of truth regarding the care provided to Service Personnel.

They say ‘formal and well documented procedures were in place at the time to ensure the health and safety of participants’. Where is this documented procedure now? It states ‘A fundamental principle was to keep any exposure as low as possible’. Why was I sent into Ground Zero whilst the radiation levels were high? You ONLY THINK, I was not exposed to radiation, check your records for the truth then come back to me.

The Ministry of Defence refuse to accept the Rowland study as it shows the lies perpetrated by them, that Servicemen were radiated very heavily. They prattle on, about the lack of peer reviews. They have the Leiden study which proves beyond any doubt, the facts that emerged from the Rowland study, but they refuse to give the full details of that study.

I was rendered Infertile, as were many others, during my tour of duty at Christmas Island and was admitted to the Royal Air Force Hospital at Steamer Point, Aden 18 months after I left the Island. I had lumps up my groin which I believe were caused by the Death Throes in my fertility region. I had a Lymph node removed and it was sent away for examination. The authorities cannot find the result of this examination and cannot trace the hospital records. I believe this to be the result of Gross Mismanagement.

The handling of records can also be classed as Gross Mismanagement. My two radiation film badges issued for Pennant and Burgee are falsely being claimed as not returned, my two personnel dosimeters (reading their maximum of 5 roentgens (50 mSv) are not recorded as having been issued. I do not regard this as accidental, these items were removed deliberately from the records the public were permitted to view, due to the high levels of radiation they were showing. Annex ‘C shows 12 out of 14 radiation film badges are recorded as not returned.

The first badge recorded as returned (10551) belonged to an individual (Name withheld) who did not enter Ground Zero after detonation but headed to the control area. The second badge which was returned was obviously no where near the higher radiation levels, indeed, I cannot recall him being at Ground Zero. The remaining 12 badges were collected at the decontamination centre at ‘B’ site, but have been recorded as not returned. The levels of radiation they displayed were far higher than that permitted.

Annex ‘D’ shows the condition of our tents after the detonation of Pennant.

This destruction was caused by the blast after the detonation, and with the blast comes radioactive elements which permeated the bedding and clothes. The Servicemen did not have this explained to them, therefore, they slept in radioactive beds and wore radioactive clothing. After both Pennant and Burgee, AWRE individuals in full protective clothing and wearing respirators, could be seen patrolling our billeted area at ‘B’ site with Geiger counters. I have requested the readings they obtained. Needless to say, they refused to answer my questions.

Your comments at Annex ‘E’ states no Servicemen were treated as ‘Human Guinea Pigs’, I wish to correct this statement, ‘ALL Servicemen were treated as Human Guinea Pigs’, protective clothing and respirators were only issued to AWRE Civilians (at Christmas Island. I expect the same procedure was in force at the other sites.)

If the standards bear comparison to those today, as stated, I feel sorry for those working in the nuclear industry. This letter was sent by Andrew Robathan, I consider it to be a Load of old Waffle. I have attached the complete letter for you to read and make up your own minds.

All Service personnel have been placed on Medical Research Programme MR185, these are the individuals who had NO protective clothing or respirators, in addition their names have all be flagged by the NHS. All AWRE Civilian workers have been assigned to MR183 & MR183A, these are the individuals that were wearing protective clothing and respirators which was MANDATORY for them.

I present Annex ‘F’ and its written amendments.

This shows the radiation level 1 ½ hrs after detonation of Pennant to be 1.2 roentgens =12 mSv. In the document ES1/602 The Interim report the radiation level is stated as 1 roentgen =10 mSv that is a 16% error. Considering it took SIX DAYS for the radiation levels to come down to safe working levels after Burgee which was reckoned to be 1.6 roentgens= 16 mSv in ES1/602. This letter states a level of THREE roentgens (thirty mSv), 50 minutes after detonation. Let us be very generous and call the radiation level two hours after detonation as 2.5 roentgen = 25 mSv this is a 64% error. Which document showed the true levels of radiation this document or ES1/602?

Most people will have seen a copy of Annex ‘G’ , particularly the paragraph: “The Army must discover the detailed effects of various types of explosions on equipment, stores and men with and without various types of protection.” This was accomplished by ensuring safety equipment was only issued to Civilian Workmen, Service personnel wore their everyday clothes.

You have probably heard that smoking is considered detrimental to your health when discussing radiation levels, Annex H, shows the results of 294 retired nuclear workers. It states “No effect was found for smoking status.”

This was a professional opinion, not connected with the Ministry of defence.

The Ministry of Defence were knowledgeable in the procedures to be adopted (Annex ‘I’) after a nuclear explosion as, they were training personnel in 1956/57. Why were these techniques not adopted at Christmas Island? Why was the radiation levels ignored?

My last ‘KANGAROO COURT’ which was officially called, a First Tier Tribunal, had a Mr Lederman, who has a Solicitors Office situated in Holborn, was appointed the Judge, or Chairman. His knowledge of the facts, were very limited. I do not know his expertise as a Solicitor but his expertise in judging the effects of a nuclear detonation was NIL. I had a fairly large Court bundle of documents which I have great difficulty in believing that Mr Lederman had actually read them. It was obvious to my Companion, and myself, that Mr Lederman had been instructed on the findings he was to publish at the end of the Trial. No doubt he would have received a bounty for doing as he was told!

I was a Prison Officer for 17 years and served at Pentonville Prison in London, I visited many criminal courts during my time and always found them to be honest and straight. It is the WPAFCC (War pensions and forces compensation chamber) that I find criminally negligent.

I realise the Ministry of Defence wish to see ALL Nuclear Veterans pass away, then they can produce all of their forged evidence.

David Whyte

Nuclear Veteran

Grapple ‘Y’ & ‘Z’

Christmas Island 1958

April 2021

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