It is interesting to note the amount of time and effort that the Government is expending to control the Coronovirus infection. Self Preservation is the main objective in this matter; they do not wish their Family or Friends to become infected, this is wholly acceptable.

Nuclear Veterans come under a different category, they are considered as Expendable and their deaths are only recognised as information for the Medical Research Programme MR 185. One could say that L/Cpl Derek Redman, amongst many others, was ‘Murdered,’ in order to enhance the information held on the levels of radiation required to kill. L/Cpl Redman had Radiation Film Badges issued every time he entered the area of Ground Zero! Where are the results from these films? He was with the AWRE BOFFINS at the time, and it is recorded that all information, regarding levels of radiation received by AWRE Staff are held at the AWE. What happened to the radiation levels received by L/Cpl Redman?

The results of my Film Badge’s, and those of many of my colleagues have been deliberately concealed in order to prevent the true radiation levels at the nuclear test sites being revealed.

I was born prior to World War II and vividly recall the levels of Murder committed by the NAZI Josef Mengele, a Doctor who used, individuals imprisoned, as Human Guinea Pigs, and the propaganda of Joseph Goebbels. These were extremely nasty individuals and were abhorred by the World Wide. The Doctor kept notes on his experiments for all to see.

The British Government are Guilty of similar offences. They used over 21,000 Service personnel in their nuclear experiments, and committed to paper that the Health and Safety of the personnel involved was paramount. If this was the case, why did Cpl Redman die within 7 days of detonating the UK’s largest Hydrogen Bomb? Why do they not have any records regarding this affair? Or is it possible that they are using propaganda as a cover up?

If we take into consideration all of the documents that are alleged to have been not returned, or indeed scrapped, or mysteriously gone missing, what proof do the Ministry of Defence have regarding any incident? Or is this information propaganda?

Why, were Service personnel denied protective clothing and respirators? These items were Mandatory for all Civilian AWRE staff to wear. This was blatant discrimination. Why do they not admit they were experimenting with the level of radiation a person could take, prior to their death?

We are informed that the radiation records for the AWRE personnel are intact, yet those for Service personnel cannot be found, or, they have been adjusted to a lower level. Is this more propaganda?

Directions given by Judges for documents, was received by a refusal from the Ministry of Defence Legal Team, and no action was taken for Perjury against the WPAFCC (War Pensions and Compensation Chamber). Why, was this court granted such privileges?

Why were the figures of radiation levels Service personnel received adjusted?

Who authorised this?

Like the war time, when NAZI propagandist Joseph Goebbels made a statement, there was no redress that one could take. This is the same as the UK, as there is apparently no redress for decisions made at Kangaroo Courts. Why is this?

Unlike the recipients of treatment under Dr Mengele, there appears to be very few records kept for British Servicemen. These bombs were experimental. Am I to believe, the authorities could not be bothered to make a list of where the individuals were working? Or, how long they were working for? Or the level of radiation they were exposed to? I do not believe this is the case. I believe, all records showing the high levels of radiation received by personnel have been placed out of sight. It is cowardice they way this has been handled.

Even Dr Mengele did not use Forged Documents to obtain the required results, why was the acting Judge, Mr Lederman permitted to breach the laws of fair Justice? Who authorised him to do so?

There does not appear to be any great difference between using detainees in experiments for the NAZI’s, and using service personnel for experiments with nuclear bombs. Both groups appear to have been treated as ‘Third Rate Citizens’. The propaganda of Josef Goebbels, gave the illusion that everything was fine, and the propaganda for the British Government gave the same illusion, that there was very little radiation. If this were true, why have they lost all of the incriminating evidence?

Any evidence the Ministry of Defence have is now to be moved to the North of Scotland where the veterans will not be permitted to view it.

In 1989 the research Officer for the New Zealand Defence Force (J.A.B.Crawford) wrote an article on ‘The Involvement of the Royal New Zealand Navy in the British Nuclear Testing Programmes of 1957 and 1958.’ All of his information came from the Ministry of Defence and their records.

Page 23 reads: ‘Apparently before each nuclear test the crewmen were issued with a new film badge and after the test they would be collected and sent for processing on HMS NARVIK. However, during Operation grapple most film badges including those from the New Zealand frigates were not processed, principally because of problems with storing the chemicals needed for processing.’

This was incorrect information given to Mr Crawford – There were no facilities to develop film badges on HMS NARVIK! Furthermore, there were no problems with the chemicals.

This was proven in a Freedom of Information question. I notified Mr Crawford of the incorrect information and he assured me that the information quoted was supplied by the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence. He notified the New Zealand Defence Force.

I am the proud owner of the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (LSGCM), so my loyalty to Her Majesty the Queen, and our Country, is not in question. It is the loyalty of the British Government towards our brave Service Personnel that is in question.

If the British Government wishes to be exonerated from the offence of murder, they should annul the results of all Kangaroo Courts. Dismiss all of the false evidence given to Judge Baker, and give a clear apology to all Nuclear Veterans for the stress, anxiety and frustration they have endured for over 60 years due to the lack of cooperation by the Ministry of Defence. They should reveal the truth surrounding the radiation levels which have been hidden from view for so long.

If the truth, is wished to be revealed, why not give all nuclear Veterans an ‘M-Band cytogenetic blood test’? This would prove conclusively that the nuclear Veterans were exposed to high levels of radiation in order to satisfy the Ministry of Defence warped sense of humour. There would be no excuse that the Ministry of Defence could give in their defence!

It would appear that the NAZI party, and the British Government, do not obey humanitarian rules in order to obtain their objectives. It is time that Truthful and un-biased courts be convened to hear the whole truth, regarding the horrific levels of radiation that Service Personnel were subjected to, whilst serving their Queen and Country.

David Whyte

Nuclear Veteran

Operation Grapple ‘X’ & ‘Y’

Christmas Island 1958

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