I feel obliged to inform the General Public of my information relating to the wilful murder of Service personnel by the Ministry of Defence. I have adopted this attitude as there is no cooperation from the Ministry of Defence in answering questions, or supplying evidence.

The courts, (WPAFCC) War Pensions and Compensation Chamber are, as the Cockneys would say, bent as a Nine Bob Note. Legal Aid is banned for all NUCLEAR VETERANS but is willingly given to thieves and Illegal Immigrants. I have been to THREE KANGAROO COURTS where my evidence is not permitted to be given and, documents requested are denied by the Ministry of Defence Legal department. The decision reached in these Kangaroo Courts, are finalised prior to the Courts being in session. Forged documents are accepted as genuine, even though proof is given. This is not true Justice.

I refer to the death of L/Cpl Derek Redman who passed away 7 days after the detonation of the largest Hydrogen Bomb, Grapple ‘Y’ on 28th April 1958. Mr Redman was employed as a driver (irrespective of what the MOD says) to take the AWRE (Atomic Warfare Research Establishment) Boffins to the Ground Zero. There were numerous Boffins who wished to go to the Ground Zero so Mr Redman shuttled them back and forth. He would have been issued with a radiation film badge.

On his death, a funeral party was quickly arranged for burial at sea but there appears to be no trace of a Coroners report. If there was not a Coroner on the Island, why was the body not flown back to the UK? We were also in close contact with Hawaii and Australia, where the services of a qualified Coroner could have been obtained. I believe this was done quickly, to avoid the results of radiation being reviewed as the cause of death.

What happened to his radiation film badges? What was the true radiation dose he received?

This was one MURDER we know about. What about the many murders of personnel who slowly died, from TOXIC poisoning from the Atomic and Hydrogen bombs that the Ministry of Defence do not wish to discuss.

I mentioned the KANGAROO COURTS which were designed specifically, to deal with claims from the Nuclear Veterans by the WPAFCC. Legal Aid is denied to all Nuclear Veterans, but is given gratuitously, to All Criminals and Illegal Immigrants. This makes Nuclear Veterans feel that they are being treated as THIRD RATE Citizens in the Country that they had volunteered to defend.

In addition to Legal aid Veterans are denied a proper UNBIASED court in which to express their evidence. The Principal Judge at the WPAFCC states that she is unable to alter the results of the lesser First Tier Tribunal, ‘ A KANGAROO COURT’. Why does she hold the position of Principal Judge, If she is unable to overrule the decisions of a Lower Court? The Upper Tier Tribunal has been fed lies by the Ministry of Defence but, Nuclear Veterans are denied the ability to question the Courts.

The Royal Courts of Justice, use the same excuse. The Supreme Court have not answered the question. Who is liable for this mismanagement in Justice? Judges all claim they can do nothing, our political Masters who are given the powers to Govern the Justice System, with a large salary, refuse to answer any questions.

At the KANGAROO Court which I attended on the 5 June 2018 one could be excused for considering the judge was living in a Dream-world. He was told on numerous occasions the ‘Release Medical Certificate’ which he referred to, was a forgery. Proof was given that this was the case, but, he did not listen and continued to use this false evidence. Documents which were ‘DIRECTED’ by the Principal Judge (the Late Judge Stubbs) to be handed into court were denied by the Ministry of Defence Legal Team, no action was taken against them.

PROOF has been supplied to the Defence Ministers, that the radiation levels I received were far greater than that stated by Mr R Cockerill (AWE), but no action has been taken to rectify this situation. Dr Braithwaite, who stated on my claim, that I could not have contracted any ailments from receiving 2.4 mSv is perfectly correct. I received a dose greatly in access of 2.4 mSv.

I was attending a B1 Course for Carpenter and Joiner when my posting came through for Christmas Island and was rather surprised when my Parents informed me they had a visit from individuals from the Ministry of Defence to check my background in order to ‘Vet’ me for Security Clearance. I did not think anything about this at the time, but the reasons became obvious when I finally reached Christmas Island.

On arrival at Christmas Island my duties were concerned with the building of roads and I drove a fork lift truck. I lifted the tar barrels onto the bowser where the tar was melted for use in making the Tar Macadam. This was my regular task until we moved to the South end of the island. On the 28 April 1958, Britain’s largest bomb was detonated. Although my Squadron played no part in the detonation, they were subjected to a massive rain storm, no one explained that this was a radioactive storm and consequently they ventured out.

It was early August 1958 that my Squadron were moved to the South of the Island, to a place called ‘B’ Site. I was given the task of working at the Atomic Bomb Ground Zero as a ‘Handyman,’ I watched the Atomic Bomb being assembled and it was then that the reason for my security classification became obvious. One of my tasks was to shore up the roof of the bunker situated 100 feet from the precise ground zero. There were fears that being so close to the detonation of the bomb the roof would cave in.

The powers to be had a meeting in which they discussed a blood test for every Serviceman before, and after the completion of the FOUR tests of Grapple ‘Z’. These tests included two Atomic and Two Hydrogen bombs. The sequence of the tests were: 1. Pennant Atomic bomb. 2. Flagpole Hydrogen bomb. 3. Halliard Hydrogen bomb. 4. Burgee Atomic bomb.

It was decided it would cost too much, and they compromised. Only persons who entered areas with a high range of radiation should be given the blood count. I was given the blood counts as stipulated, the blood count prior to the tests is in my Service Records and the later blood count cannot be found. The purpose of the tests was to ensure the Ministry of Defence had the medical facts to deny any wrongdoing should any person complain at a later date. Unfortunately, for the Ministry of Defence, the blood counts showed, Service Personnel had in fact received a large dose of radiation. This resulted in the results of the blood counts either being destroyed or hidden from view.

I was given instructions that Two hours after detonation of Pennant (and later Burgee), I was to enter Ground Zero and collect all of the radioactive debris scattered around the site. I was denied the use of protective clothing or respirators whilst carrying out this task. Indeed, I was not even supplied with a pair of tongs or gloves to carry out this task. I was however issued with a Radiation Film Badge and a QFE Dosimeter and was instructed that if the radiation level went up to 7 Roentgens (70 mSv) I was to work for a maximum of two hours only, then get out of the area. My Dosimeter got to 5 roentgens (50 mSv) fairly quickly then, it stopped going up. My incorrect opinion that the maximum radiation had been reached encouraged me to continue until I finished the task, this took 2 ½ hours. I now realise the Dosimeter which was issued to me was designed to only read up to 5 Roentgens (50 mSv). The Dosimeters were issued to me by WO II Plews, who I believe was an honest Man, and was not aware that the Dosimeters only read up to 5 Roentgens (50 mSv).

When we look at the ‘Grapple ‘Z’ interim report (ES/1/602) we discover they have quoted the radiation levels 1 ½ hours after detonation of the bombs as 1 Roentgen per hour (=10 mSv per hour) for Pennant and 1.7 Roentgen per hour (=17 mSv per hour) for Burgee atomic bombs. Considering I entered Ground Zero 2 hours after detonation, this makes Mr R Cockerill’s rather futile conclusion that I only received a dose of 2.4 mSv rather farcical.

Both Pennant and Burgee bombs were treated in the same manner for the same lengths of time. I had both a Film badge and a QFE Dosimeter (which only registered up to 5 Roentgens (50 mSv)

I am now told that the radiation film badges were not returned, which is a blatant lie, and I am informed they have no record of the QFE Dosimeters being issued. These items were taken from me and registered at the decontamination centre at ‘B’ site when I left Ground Zero. I have requested the register of these documents be handed to court for examination and have been informed the authorities cannot find them.

The Public are under the impression that we all had a shower after we left Ground Zero and changed into clean clothes, this is propaganda. I was never offered a shower or a change of clothing. I now believe we were guinea pigs. The authorities wanted to discover what would befall us by sending us back to our billets without having a shower and change of clothing. There were showers on site but were not used by individuals who were first to go into the area of Ground Zero.

I requested, and received the late Judge Stubbs ‘DIRECTIONS,’ that the ‘Original Compendium of Radiation Film Badges and QFE Dosimeters for Operation Grapple ‘Z’ be produced at court for examination. The Ministry of Defence Legal Team refused to comply with the Judge’s Directions and no action was taken against them. I consider this refusal to be contrary to the rule of Law. The authorities did not have the courage to present the document to Court as I feel the answers it would give to my questions would have been answered truthfully.

There was also, Judge’s Directions for Mr R Cockerill (AWE Dosimetry Manager) to be made available at court for cross examination. This ‘Direction’ was again refused by the Ministry of Defence Legal Team. It was Mr Cockerill who quoted my radiation dose as 2.4 mSv for the entire tour. I fail to understand how he is still in that position. I wished to cross-examine Mr Cockerill on the fraudulent figure of 2.4 mSv, I wanted to discover whether the 2.4 mSv was a figment of Mr Cockerill’s imagination, or whether someone from the Ministry of defence or Legal department had suggested the figure to him.

Mr Cockerill is surely aware that the instruments recording this radiation level, after detonations, was housed in a bunker and no allowance has been made regarding the ‘Half Value Thickness.’ I am going to call the ‘half value thickness’ as ‘8’, I believe it to be more. Using this figure would result in a radiation dose of 256mSv per hour at the precise point of ground zero at ground level. The ‘Experts’ at AWE are unable to give the ‘Half Value Thickness,’ they say they do not have the information of the structure of the soil which covered the bunker. Are we to assume there was a lack of interest by the authorities on safety factors such as these.

The Ministry of Defence have yet to agree there were bunkers, one situated at the Atomic bomb Ground Zero, the other close to Ground Zero for the Hydrogen bombs. Instead, they say ‘STEEL CUBES’ held the instruments. This is a blatant lie, the bunkers were made of Iron (which is now rusting) and they were rectangular. If you wish to have a copy of a photograph of the bunker, send me an e-mail at and I will gladly send it.

There appears to be a conspiracy between the Ministry of Defence, the AWE, Veterans Affairs and the National Health Service to deny Nuclear Veterans truth regarding the levels of radiation at Christmas Island. Every experimental nuclear test site suffers from the same lack of truth by the Ministry of Defence but I was at Christmas Island.

There is a medical blood test called ‘M-Band cytogenetic Blood Test’ which the Ministry of Defence have coerced the National Health Service to deny to all Nuclear Veterans. This blood test is superior to the M-Fish test which requires controls. I have requested a cytogenetic blood test on numerous occasions but, I have been given a psychiatric test by the Ministry of Defence instead. It was fortunate that I was rendered SANE. Why the Ministry of Defence opted for this course of action is beyond me.

The Veterans Affairs are apparently in charge of all the documents relating to the Nuclear Experiments but when you ask for a specific document they cannot find it. One starts to wonder if this is genuine or whether they are just being awkward. The truth can be found in these documents and that is the reason for their removal to the North of Scotland where individuals who are interested in the truth are unable to view them.

The ‘Cowards’ at the Ministry of Defence do not wish the truth to be revealed as shown in their refusal to issue a ‘Cold War Medal’ and a ‘Nuclear Experimental medal.’ The refusal of a medal was not the subject of undeserved, but it would give the Nuclear Veterans a reason for their continued fight for Justice and compensation. They know the numbers of personnel that have been murdered, but refuse to reveal the figures. I hope any person reading this letter who has any inclination of enlisting into the Armed Forces will realise that the Ministry of Defence have no interest in the welfare or safety of Service Personnel.

There were Health and safety regulations printed for Grapple ‘Z’, that were not placed on the notice boards for all to see. The Personnel at Ground Zero were completely oblivious that the regulations existed.

The Ministry of Defence are guilty of obfuscation of the truth, It is time they brought back all the records they have deposited in the North of Scotland and permit the Nuclear Veterans to read the truth rather than listen to the dreadful lies expressed by the Ministry of Defence.

David Whyte

Nuclear Veteran

Grapple ‘Y’ & ‘Z

Christmas Island 1958

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