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We are proud to announce the launch of LABRATS (The Legacy of the Atomic Bomb, Recognition for Atomic Test Survivors). This new organisation will replace Nuclear Veterans Worldwide and is the new voice for the Atomic Test Survivors across the world.

Susan Musselwhite, Melanie Owen and Alan Owen will be spearheading this new organisation. The aims are very clear, they are to raise the awareness of the Atomic Test Survivor communities across the world.

Utilising the success of Nuclear Veterans Worldwide, we will be expanding the awareness campaign and highlighting the different organisations and promoting their causes to a global audience.

Our new website has been launched and we aim to build on the site with further historical documents, voices from survivors and educational material to ensure that no survivor is forgotten.

Our helpline number will be available for any member of the Atomic Community who needs help or guidance, we will ensure that you are put in contact with the Association that meets your needs.

We are not a membership organisation, we do not charge any fees, you can sign up for free via our site and receive regular updates via email. This blog page will be our main focal point for the latest news as well as our Facebook page, and a twitter feed @atomiclabrats.

Please visit our Facebook page:

We chose LABRATS as the name as the brave servicemen were used a Lab Rats, Guinea Pigs in experiments designed to test the effects of the bombs. Governments have denied responsibility for their actions, and they have silenced the community, this must change.

We will be independent of the organisations and individuals that we represent and will ensure that their message is communicated worldwide. By combining the message of these organisations and the great work that they are undertaking, we can ensure that the world knows about the Atomic Testing program and it's effects.

You can help by sharing our Facebook pages, following our twitter feed and sharing the website or buying our new range of merchandise and donating to our cause.

There are many organisations across the world that perform fantastic work every day, but the world needs to know how these tests affected everyone. There are so many stories that need to be told and we aim to ensure that these stories are heard.

Many organisations are still campaigning for recognition for their communities and we will promote these to a worldwide audience.

Many Veterans are no longer with us, but their memories and the fight for recognition continues through their descendants. By bringing these communities together, telling the stories the message is stronger. The damage caused by the tests to human beings, eco-systems and the planet is a tragedy and the world needs to be educated about it and to acknowledge it.

We must never forget the Atomic Tests and the damage & suffering that resulted from it.

We will be developing educational material for use across the world with the history of the tests and undertaking activities for the various organisations.

The effects of the testing program are Global and the world must never forget.

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