Happy Birthday Dad by David Sankus

We were contacted by David Sankus who wanted to wish his dad happy 83rd birthday today and to see if anyone remembered his dad - John Sankus, better known as "Chip". We were honoured to be able to put together this birthday tribute. With thanks to the Sankus family for the fantastic photographs. John was RAOC attached to the REME on Christmas Island. John also asks "does anyone remember the Christmas Island kettle?"

Dad arrived at Christmas Island 3.30 pm 31st January 1958

In his diary he said "We have stepped forth on the island ,the time is 3.30 pm and the sun is very hot here !!!"

Dad standing by the Laundry press on Christmas Island

Rock, Alf & Taff

Jock, Paddy, Mick, Fingers, Den & Wog (Dave Nicholls)

Ken, Roy, Den & Fingers

Porky (George Stowe) & Dad on beach

Reg & Wog (Dave Nicholls) on skiff

New Tent Lines

My Dad, the Mouse & Reg (Reginald Wright)

Dad on his boiler

Dad, George, John, Porky & Branch

The Power Station

Bill, Den, Ron & Tony

Terry, Dad & Porky

Reg (Reg Wright)

Taff & Dad

Taff, Dad on a plank & Porky

The Mob & Col Guthrie

Lads on the boat

Jock, Reg, Taff, Paddy & Alf

Dad & Porky



Morris in a grass skirt!

Porky & dog Jock

Gilbert & Ellis Islander getting dad a coconut

Dad & Porky in the 'Back Yard'

100 year old village

Dad & Matia , Gilbert & Ellis Islander

Nick & Gilbert & Ellis Islander

Taff (the nut), Nick & Taff

A wreck with Nick & Taff

My dad left the island on 31st January 1959. He still has his kit bag:

He married my mum Irene:

And the rest is history.

Happy birthday dad. Love David.

Labrats Note

If you remember John "Chip" Sankus or are in these photographs, please get in touch with us via email - info@labrats.international we would love to put you in contact with John. These photographs show just how young these servicemen where when they were sent to the Island.

These photographs are from the personal archives of David Sankus and remain his property, permission for the use of the photographs has been kindly given to Labrats for this post on our website and Social Media. No unauthorised copying of these photographs is permitted.

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