Documents the UK Government don't want you to see! No 9

Our investigate team have uncovered a number of documents this is edition 9 of 11.

These documents confirm that the Nuclear testing program was an experiment and the servicemen were 'Guinea Pigs' and the UK government has been lying for over 60 years to the families.

Our ninth blog discusses the yield at Monte Bello.

In this Top Secret letter from William Penny to Sir Edwin Plowden, William Penney admits that the yield of Monte Bello tests is unknown:

"We do not know exactly what the yield is going to be because the assembly is very different from anything we have tried before. We expect that the yield will be 40 or 50, but it might just go up to 80 which is the safe upper limit"

If the head scientist did not know the yield, how could they plan for the fall-out and the effects of the explosion?


The UK Government have always denied that the testing program was an experiment and that the servicemen were always protected according to safety standards. If the chief scientist was preparing for a margin of error of 100%in the yield, then the servicemen never stood a chance.

The bomb assembly was so advanced, that the scientists did not know what was going to happen when it was detonated. The health and safety was based on estimates and guesses.

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