Documents the UK Government don't want you to see! No 7

Our investigate team have uncovered a number of documents this is edition 7 of 11.

These documents confirm that the Nuclear testing program was an experiment and the servicemen were 'Guinea Pigs' and the UK government has been lying for over 60 years to the families.

Our seventh series of documents discuss HMS CAMPANIA.

These ships were pat of a 'Special Squadron' and due to the effects of the radioactivity, they were not allowed to dock:

"It has now been decided that the ships cannot dock and be taken in hand for essential repairs by contract because of the precaution needed as a result of radio active contamination"

But what about the sailors who are serving on the ship? But it was not just CAMPANIA:

"The programmes of the other ships of the Squadron will be considered when action has been taken about CAMPANIA"

The recommendation is that the ships are held at Chatham dockyard. How many people in Chatham were effected?

This decision follows a report from HMS CAMPANIA on 8th November 1952, which states:

"Small local concentrations of radio-active contamination were built up in such places as under water inlets, condensers, evaporators, cable lookers etc. Certain items of ships gear and equipment such as boats, anchors and cables have also been contaminated and decontamination of these items is continuing where possible."

"Although the radiation from this contamination is small that it is of no consequence, the contamination itself will be present for many months during which time it will constitute a potential inhalation or ingestion hazard"

If this was known, why did it take until December 1953 to decide to dock the ships at Chatham? How many personnel were on the ship from November 1952 - December 1953? If there was a potential inhalation or ingestion hazard and it was reported, these sailors were put at risk for 13 months.


The ships in the special squadron were radioactive, the government knew that the ships contained hazards which could be inhaled or ingested, yet the ships continued to be crewed for 13 months. A full report was submitted, so where is the report? We can find no published report on the contamination of the special ships.

This is clear evidence of the neglect towards service personnel by the UK government.

Further information can be found by clicking this link:

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