Documents the UK Government don't want you to see! No 11

Our investigate team have uncovered a number of documents this is final edition.

These documents confirm that the Nuclear testing program was an experiment and the servicemen were 'Guinea Pigs' and the UK government has been lying for over 60 years to the families.

Our final edition is the most damming of all and discusses Dosage at Operation Hurricane.

In a letter from a Rear Admiral of the Trials Planning section in September 1951, plans for the measurement of radioactivity are laid out:

"Radiological safety must be one of the chief concerns of the Naval Commander but, equally evidently, some degrees of risk must be run by some people if we are to achieve the full purpose of the trials"

In 2013, a medal for the Nuclear Test Veterans was declined because the tests did not meet the risk and rigour aspect. Yet here is a document stating that a degree of risk must be run.

The document then continues:

"Could it be put to the M.R.C that they should lay down more than one standard, for instance, a general standard and a special (once only) for volunteers?"

A recommendation that different dose levels are laid down for different people? The document then suggests that the C.S.H.E.R will agree and that a draft letter to the M.R.C should be taken by the "Hurricane" executive.

The document then discusses state liability for compensation:

"My second point concerns the position of a man who is injured during the operation or who subsequently falls ill from causes attributable to the operation"

"As Naval Commander I must expect to have to order or approve the acceptance of some degree of risk. This is a customary service obligation, but it is performed in the knowledge that the Admiralty accept liability for those killed or injured on duty"

"I want to be quite certain that the same applies to all who take part in Operation "Hurricane", whether or not they are volunteers for any of all of their duty"

The Admiralty accepts the risk level and accepts that all personnel are covered by the acceptance.

The last page of the document concludes with the compensation issue:

"I believe that all Government servants are in fact entitled to compensation for injury on duty. But the particular points to be covered in "Hurricane" arise from the facts that:

(a) the ill effects may be long delayed

(b) illness unconnected with the operation might have caused the same symptoms."

"It is not suggested that any one who took part, and subsequently suffers from a disease which might be due to the Operation, should be compensated. I do feel however that some formula might be accepted by Ministries which would dispose any tribunal in favour of a claimant ex "Hurricane"

"Again this matter is a technical one, perhaps Dr Penney would be prepared to draft the necessary paper to bring the subject to the Executive's notice"

Why was the Executive discussing compensation at such an early stage and already preparing for compensation fro participants of Operation Hurricane?


In 1951, the Admiralty were already discussing compensation and creating a 'Matrix' for claims for compensation. If there was no risk of radiation, why did this discussion even occur?

Was the 'Matrix' designed by William Penney? Again he has full control over the tests and now how compensation claims.

If the government would accept that Operation Hurricane participants would win a tribunal using the Matrix, why have these claimants been denied any compensation?

We are now 68 years on from this letter, the UK government have paid no compensation and have fought the case against compensation, spending millions of pounds in the process. Perhaps the government should look through their archives and undercover this Matrix.

There can no longer be denial from the UK government that these tests were experiments, the yields were unknown, the servicemen were exposed and reports were changed. A copy of these 11 reports has been sent to the Secretary of State for Defence for comment.

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