Documents the UK Government don't want you to see! No 10

Our investigate team have uncovered a number of documents this is edition 10 of 11.

These documents confirm that the Nuclear testing program was an experiment and the servicemen were 'Guinea Pigs' and the UK government has been lying for over 60 years to the families.

Our tenth edition discusses the safety at Operation Mosaic dated 1st march 1956.

The letter refers to who is to take responsibility:

"In understand that an agreement has been reached between the Director and the Admiralty that Radiological Safety of personnel on those ships which are taking part in the fall-out experiment at Mosaic will be entirely an Admiralty responsibility"

So we know that the Admiralty was responsible, but asks A.W.R.E for further details:

"In particular they should make a clear statement as to what assistance, if any, they expect from A.W.R.E for example, predicted fallout data, information as to position of cloud, instrumentation, film badges etc"

The Admiralty then discuss the requirements for HMS DIANA.

"The ships company would not be provided with film badges as part of naval procedure. if A.W.R.E. so desired, such badges could be issues if A.W.R.E were willing to accept responsibility for their processing and evaluation. It was agreed that this was unnecessary, but that the scientific personnel aboard DIANA would be issued with badges for each operation"

We now know that servicemen were not issued badges aboard DIANA, but the scientific officers were.


A clear distinction between service personnel and scientific officers is made in this document, why were Naval personnel not issued with badges. Were their lives not worth monitoring?

This distinction continues throughout all of the tests, scientific officers in full protective gear, service personnel wearing nothing but shorts and a hat. The service personnel were expendable.

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