Documents the UK Government don't want you to see!

Our investigate team have uncovered a number of documents which we will be posting over the next 11 days.

These documents confirm that the Nuclear testing program was an experiment and the servicemen were 'Guinea Pigs' and the UK government has been lying for over 60 years to the families.

Our first document is a copy of a letter to Professor J.S. Mitchell of the Department of Radiotherapeutics from W.G Marley of the Health Physics Division dated 6th October 1953.

The letter references a meeting of a 'Protection Committee' due to meet in Cambridge and a young PhD graduate in chemistry R. Hardy who was completing his military service.

Mr Marley discusses Mr Hardy's participation in an experiment on beta irradiation of wide areas of the body.

The letter states:

"I think he could probably make a useful contribution in connection with the problem considered by the P.A.B.E Committee of injury from Beta irradiation of wide areas of the body. You will recall that you were going to carry out some tests on R.A.F. volunteers who were to be provided by Group Captain Wilson here. Work was help up on account of the difficultly of preparing large area uniform beta applicators"

Who are the P.A.B.E Committee? Detailed searches can find no further reference to this committee in 1953. Who are the RA.F. Volunteers?

Mr Marley then continues:

"It is becoming increasingly urgent to obtain more information regarding the emergency beta tolerance for wide areas of the body, both in relation to atomic explosions and also in relation to possible accidents to some of the more "advanced" type of atomic energy reactors involving wide-scale dispersal of fission products"


This document now confirms that the University of Cambridge were involved in experiments using R.A.F. personnel to obtain information regarding beta tolerance levels. Yet the Ministry of Defence claim that they did not measure alpha or beta radiation at the tests.

Cambridge university archives might hold further clues as to the tests that were carried out, but we now know that experiments were being carried out in the UK on servicemen.

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