Dave Whyte - Proof of the Lies

Mr Dave Whyte has been lied to, taken the MoD to court and is now subject to a potential data breach from the MoD.

Mr Whyte has the information that proves that his radiation exposure is higher than is recorded on the 'official' paperwork, he has proof that the MoD has covered up his information request.

Was he close to the truth? His requests have no been classed as 'Vexatious' and any requests that he now makes are being treated as such.

What are the MoD hiding? Is it because Mr Whyte continues to challenge them? The full response to his latest request is detailed in this blog.

The request placed in 2020 - by Mr Whyte

I have recently placed a Freedom of information question requesting the numbers of Service and Civilian Personnel who have had 'WAIVERS' regarding the information gained at the nuclear test sites.

The MoD Mr Whyte a letter dated 27 October 2016 in reply (detailed below). Mr Whyte says:

"I think they are getting hot under the collar. You will notice that I requested the radiation levels at Ground Zero on numerous occasions and was told they did not have them.  Tranham, was the character that dealt with these requests.   I took the matter to the Information Commissioner in 2012 and a First Tier Tribunal was held.  I received a full apology and the records showing the radiation levels after Pennant and Burgee.  Tranham had sent my question to the AWE and was given an answer to my question, but he did not give me the answer, he stated that there was no information and he did not know of anywhere the information was stored.  Tranham showed himself to be a liar."

The response - a letter from 2016


In a response from 'What Do They Know':

Having reviewed your request I can see that the MOD have provided you with a copy of what appears to be a response to a request that you made in 2016; and that they have refused under section 17(6) of the Freedom of Information Act to provide a further reply.

We've also noted that the MOD appears to have disclosed your personal email address in their reply, and therefore, we've hidden this file from public view on WhatDoTheyKnow. We've reported this to the MOD as a potential data breach, and asked that they take any relevant action to investigate what has happened here.

In respect of your request itself, if you are unhappy with the MOD's reply, we would suggest that you consider contacting the Information Commissioner's Office and have her staff take a view on the matter. We've outlined the process for this on our help pages at: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/help/unhappy#refer-to-ico


Mr Whyte continues his campaign for justice and for the release of the information, this information is of public interest and should be released. Classifying one man as Vexatious because he seeks answers is an insult to his service to his country.

His fight continues.

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