1984 - Expert Committee Report

INIS - MF - 10101

Review of Data on Atmospheric Fallout arising from the British Nuclear Tests in Australia.

On 15 May 1984 Senator the Honourable Peter Walsh, the Minister of State for Resources and Energy, announced the establishment of an expert committee to review the data on atmospheric fallout arising from British Nuclear Tests in Australia.

The member of the committee were: Professor Charles B. Kerr (Chairman), Professor of Preventative and Social Medicine, University of Sydney; Dr Keith Bentley, Senior Research Scientist, Commonwealth Institute of Health and visiting fellow, Australian National University; Mr Donald W. Keam, Head of the Standards ad Compliance Section, Australian Radiation Laboratory; and Mr Rob Robotham, Radiation Protection Officer, Melbourne University.

This review was to ensure that the published scientific literature was correct, under the following terms of reference:

The report had to be completed within 16 days! They needed to adopt a strategy:

"Noting that the Australian Ionisig Radiation Council (AIRAC) had produced a major report 'British nuclear tests in Australia - a review of operational safety measures and of possible after-effects' (AIRAC No 9) in January 1983, the Committee decided to use that report as a base line document for the review. AIRAC 9 had the following terms of reference:

The report details the availability and adequacy of data available:

The Report disputes the Fallout levels arising from the tests:

The committees conclusion on Fallout was:

In fact, the committee concluded that the philosophy of collective dose-estimates should not have been used:

Decontamination of aircraft was discussed in detail:

The committee then finished with staggering statements:


The report rips apart the findings of AIRAC 9. How any of the recommendations have been implemented 35 years later?

The full report can be viewed here

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