UK Government Cover Up 2019

We are halfway through January 2019 and are the UK Government again hard at work in removing evidence, denying health audits and denying the Nuclear Veterans a medal?

Whilst BREXIT has been in the headlines for many of the wrong reasons, the UK Government have been quietly working against the Nuclear Veterans and their campaign for recognition. Lets look at the evidence

Health Audit - Public Health England

Full details of the study can be found here:

Gavin Williamson MP, promised the BNTVA a new study into the health of the Veterans and their families. Instead, he has instructed Public Health England to complete another study into the surviving veterans, 20 years after the last full study. Data was collected until 1998 and the NRPB study published using this data. Other studies have followed, but the NRPB did not conduct another study.

After meeting with the BNTVA and Shirley Denson, Gavin Williamson promised them a new study to include the families. This has not happened, they are to complete the same study as in 1998, using data which they have continued to collect on the Veterans since 1998. The question of why the data has been collected on these Veterans since 1998 is an interesting one.

1. Why did the UK Government continue to monitor and collect data from the Veterans for the last 20 years?

2. How is this data collected? Is there a department within Public Health England tasked with collecting this data?

3. Where is the money coming from to pay for this data collection?

4. Why are the Nuclear Veterans not informed that their health data is being collected?

5. Who instructed the collection of this data and approved the budget?

6. Even through different governments, the data continued to be collected. How much longer are they going to monitor the Veterans?

For the Veterans, Public Health England have confirmed which many have suspected since their deployment to the tests; Their records have been flagged and they are being monitored in a Human Experiment.

National Archives

All records relating to the Atomic Bomb tests have been removed from the National Archives. These documents are being reviewed, before being moved to a new facility in Scotland according to the NRA. These documents have been declassified and on public display for a number of years, why choose now to remove them from the public domain?

Is there further evidence in those documents which would incriminate the UK Government and force them to admit their responsibilities? The UK Government spent millions of pounds fighting the Veterans in court. Do these documents show that the servicemen were experimented on?

Shirley Denson has a document which has been published in the Daily Mirror by Susie Boniface which shows that her husband Eric was experimented on.

A number of questions need to be answered:

1. Why were the documents removed and under whose authority?

2. Will they be returned to the public domain in their entirety?

3. Is there evidence in the documents which the UK Government have discovered which led to them being removed?

4. Who is reviewing the documents and for what purpose?

BNTVA Medal Campaign

Gavin Williamson promised the setup of the AMSC (Advisory Military Sub Committee) to review the Veterans case for a medal in June 2019. As I am writing this, the committee has not been setup. Letters from Gavin Williamson to the Chairman of the BNTVA state that a Cabinet Office announcement is due shortly and the committee will be up and running in 2019.

To date, no details of the AMSC have been disclosed. A number of questions need to be answered:

1. Who is going to sit on this committee?

2. When are they going to review the case of the Nuclear Veterans?

3. When will the representatives of the Nuclear Veterans be called to give evidence?

4. Why has it taken 7 months to setup the committee, are they waiting for documents to be reviewed?


It seems to the Nuclear Veterans that the UK Government are again attempting to cover up the experimentation on them.

The above actions have led to a number of conspiracy theories be discussed. With MP support growing for the recognition daily, 15,000 signatures on a petition (both online and physical) and the BNTVA reaching out to over 1 million people online via social media are the UK Government again worried about the BNTVA?

What will be the UK Governments next move? I doubt if they will admit to the biggest cover up in Government history. The lies, deceit and betrayal of the Nuclear Veterans not only in the UK, but across the World is despicable. It does make you wonder how these people sleep at night, but it is easy with peerages and millions of pounds in the bank.

If it was their father or grandfather, perhaps they would think differently. The main question still remains, who is giving these orders and instructions, it must come from the top, but who is at the top?

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