The time is right for Recognition

The year is 2019, the world needs to recognise the suffering of the Nuclear Veterans and their families across the world.

No longer can the governments across the world deny responsibility for their actions when testing Nuclear weapons.

We must stand together to ensure that the exposure of the Nuclear testing program continues.

The effect on the world of the testing program carried out by many countries can not be quantified. It is not just the service personnel who are effected, it is the inhabitants of the areas where they took place, the down-winders, the scientists, the civilians, the animals, the eco-systems.

Every one of us has been affected by Nuclear Weapon testing. Scars have been left on the world that will never heal, the lives of hundreds of thousands of people have been changed forever. Many have died horrible deaths, many suffer illness every day. The mental anguish of these people is not to be underestimated.

To have your life ripped away from you, forced to participate in experimental weapons development with no explanation, no warnings about the future, your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren suffering because you did your duty.

The inhabitants of the Marshall Islands were forced to leave their homes, their islands never to be the same again. The indigenous tribes of Maralinga had their sacred land returned to them radioactive.

We challenge anyone to watch the Atomic Soldiers video and not be angry and distressed by the ruined lives of these brave me. You can watch the video using the following link:

Yet, the governments around the world are in denial. The detonation of these weapons changed our world forever. It is not taught in history lessons in schools, the whole testing program is forgotten. The small number of Nuclear Veterans organisations across the world campaign for justice for the Veterans. The indigenous people campaign for their right to their lands when they were ripped from them, just so that the countries could claim to be a 'Nuclear Power'.

In 2019, with the scientific advancements and DNA studies which have been completed and are ongoing, the denial continues. The main reason for the denial is Money. If the governments who performed the testing were to apologise and admit the damage that they have caused to the world, the Veterans and their families, it would cost billions in compensation, so it is easier to deny and pay millions to fight the Veteran organisations than admit to it.

AVEN in France are completing a DNA study using OBSIVEN, full details of AVEN can be fond here:

There has been compensation paid out over the years, the American RECA program has paid out the highest amount, with an estimated $2.3 billion paid out to victims. You have to qualify for RECA and have a cancer which is listed as one of the diseases caused by radiation.

Yet despite this admission by the American government, the RECA program only pays to:

Uranium miners, millers, and ore transporters – $100,000; “Onsite participants” at atmospheric nuclear weapons tests – $75,000; and individuals who lived downwind of the Nevada Test Site (“downwinders") – $50,000.

The underground tests at Nevada are not covered, yet these tests leaked radioactive material into the atmosphere through cracks in the ground.

Throughout the world, organisations are still fighting their own battles with their respective governments and it is a disgrace that they are still fighting over 70 years later.

The New Zealand Government refuses to accept the Massey Study. Roy Sefton, Chair of the NZNTVA has campaigned for years to get the Massey Study accepted, his fight continues as the government refuse to acknowledge the study.


Wise words from the Minister's office mice. NZNTVA raised the issue of the flawed VANZ Lay Report with the Minister in November 2017. After almost two years of waiting, our veterans deserve a decision.

The United States Government refuses to acknowledge the clean up crews of the Enewetak Atoll as Atomic Veterans. The RECA program finishes in 2020.

You can listen to Paul Laird's story by clicking the link below:

"Lojwa Animals" was the Nickname of personnel that lived and worked on the Island Lojwa. Lojwa was the base camp for service members assigned to remove and/or contain radioactive waste remaining from the detonation of 43 nuclear weapons and civilian contract personnel serving in a supportive role to the service members during the Enewetak Atoll Radiological Cleanup between 1977 & 1980. They are also trying to gain healthcare benefits and compensation from a country that has turned a blind eye on them.

Runit dome is leaking radioactive material into the Pacific Ocean. An investigation into the radioactivity at the site was announced this week.

The National Association of Atomic Veterans in the USA continue to campaign for healthcare and an amendment to the RECA program. For full details visit:

The Australian government refuses to acknowledge the Nuclear Veterans and in the past week the Australian sailors have hit the headlines demanding benefits. (Click the link below to read the full article)

The British government refuses to pay any compensation or formally recognise the Veterans with a medal.

Despite the DNA evidence of the Massey study and the eagerly awaited DNA study being carried out by Brunel using Libor fund money through the NCCF , the British government have already acknowledged that further study will be required.

In a letter to the BNTVA , armed forces minister Mark Lancaster told campaigners that he would read the Brunel study when it is published, but added:

"There may be a need for further work, including replication by different groups of researchers".

Details of the DNA Study can be found at:

In the past week, the UK Labour party has acknowledged that they will pay out £50,000 to every surviving British Nuclear Veteran and will review the widows pension and the descendants with the BNTVA. This is a promise, but progress. Emily Thornberry MP has been campaigning for years for recognition as have the Daily Mirror and Susie Boniface.

The power of the media is key for all organisations, we need to keep the pressure on the various governments via social media, news, videos and books. Utilising Nuclear Veterans Worldwide to publish research, showcase organisations and individuals and to ensure that the Veterans are not forgotten is key to the recognition.

The BNTVA are awaiting a medal decision from the Advisory Military Sub-Committee in November, this decision is critical.

If you are a member of a Nuclear family in the UK, help is available for various items through the Care, Wellbeing and Inclusion Fund. For full details visit

Nuclear Veterans Worldwide is calling on everyone connected with the Nuclear testing program to continue to write to their governments, to tell their stories and to work together by sharing research, sharing progress and ensuring that the individual countries are recognised around the world. Upload your videos to Nuclear Veterans Worldwide Facebook page:

Show the world that we are still here, the descendants are here to stay and the damage caused by the tests will always be remembered.

Much has been completed in the last 18 months, but we must not stop, we must continue until there is global recognition of this disgraceful behaviour from the governments.

Many have tried to intimidate us, fake news articles, removal of archive footage and denial of service record existence. Yet we still march on.

Many have passed, but there is a new breed of descendants who will continue the fight for recognition, if the governments were hoping that once the Veterans had died, the problem would go away, then they are very much mistaken. Across the world, the fight for justice continues and will only increase in intensity.

For everyone who has got us this far, we are thankful and recognise their efforts, for everyone who is contributing today and will be in the future, keep the pressure up, the governments cannot ignore us any longer. For the filmmakers, book writers, journalists, MP's, senators and congressmen who support us we thank you for your efforts.

For the fathers, wives, sons and daughters who are no longer with us, we will never give up until we receive an apology and formal recognition. We do this for you, you deserve it.

Do not be silenced, do not be intimidated, the Veterans and their families deserve Recognition.

'All we seek is Justice'

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