The Murder of Corporal Redman - MoD Lies and Coverups

On the 20th February 2020, Nuclear Veterans Worldwide reported on the death of Corporal Redman and the eyewitness report from David Whyte.

The Chairman of the BNTVA followed this report with Freedom of Information requests to the MoD.

If you are not familiar with the death of Corporal Redman, read the first blog from the 20th February here:

A full article by Susie Boniface was also printed in the Daily Mirror:

Nuclear Veterans Worldwide has now seen the responses from the MoD into the death of Corporal Redman, we cannot believe the responses that have been received.

The Initial Freedom of Request sent on the 19th February 2020 asked the following question:

The reply from the Army Secretariat on the 14th April stated:

So the official death was "Diabetic Coma". Notified by the Senior Medical Officer (SMO). No mention of his radiation film badges or any documents relating to L Cpl Redman's service.

Not happy with this explanation, the Chairman probed further and sent a further request to the MoD on the 15th May 2020, asking the following question:

The response that was received this week, will come as no surprise to the Nuclear Veterans:

The Chairman is now requesting an internal review of the information.


How can a cause of death be officially recorded and officially put on record in the House of Parliament:

The Hansard record from 1958 states:

"He had been employed in charge of a power station. His work was not directly concerned with the nuclear test explosions except in so far as all members of the task force were contributing to those tests. My right hon. Friend has had the most careful inquiries made, and I can reassure the House that there is no medical connection whatsoever between this soldier's death and the nuclear test explosions."

Yet eyewitness reports tell the story that Corporal Redman entered the forward areas as a driver. The careful inquiries made could not of been that comprehensive, because no evidence of any post mortem or blood samples can be found.

Was Corporal Redman a victim of the failure of the UK Government to protect the servicemen at the Nuclear Tests. His death is officially recorded as a Diabetic Coma, yet no post mortem was carried out, no blood test results survive, despite detailed inquiries made in 1958.

Unfortunately, Corporal Redman was buried at sea, along with the radioactive waste from the tests, a very convenient way to hide the truth of the tests. His family, along with many others lost a loved one due to the incompetence of the UK Government at the time. Despicable behaviour, using the men as guinea pigs in their experiments. Unfortunately, Corporal Redman died during the tests and was buried at sea, we will never know the true reason for his death.

The BNTVA Chairman said this:

"We will not let this matter rest, Corporal Redman is one of us, his family need the truth. If his death was due to exposure, we call upon the UK Government to admit it and give the family closure."

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