The Massey Study - Why was it Ignored?

The 2007 Massey Study into the New Zealand Nuclear Test Veterans proved that Genetic damage had occurred in the Veterans, why was has it not been used across the world?

Why was this? in 2009, Roy Sefton Chair of the New Zealand Test Veterans Association visited the UK and discussed the importance of this report.

Dr Al Rowland, Tere Tahi and Roy Sefton

This was a trip to establish a relationship between the organisations and to show the findings of the study to the UK, which are very conclusive in their findings.

Overview from the Massey Report 2007

The BNTVA were heavily involved in the litigation case at this time and proceedings were underway. However, commenting in the Spring 2009 magazine, the Chairman (Mr John Lowe) had this to say:

BNTVA Campaign Magazine Spring 2009

In the Summer of 2009, the BNTVA were still pushing for a study:

BNTVA Campaign Magazine Summer 2009

A change of leadership in the BNTVA with Mr John Lowe stepping down and Mr Nigel Heaps taking over as Chairman and the push for the study is no longer referenced in the magazines, it is not until 2011 that on the findings of the third NRPB Study, The Royal British Legion urged the BNTVA and the government to commission a study.

So in February 2018, using funds from the Aged Veterans Fund, Brunel University launched their study, with the findings due in 2020. Details of the study can be found at:

The results will need to be peer reviewed and the study analysed, this will take us to 2022 or 2023. This will be 16 years after the 2007 Massey study was released. In that time thousands of Nuclear Veterans have died.

Why did the BNTVA have to apply to the Aged Veterans Fund (AVF) for the study? In 2009, 2010 the government were discussing the issue and were worried about the Massey study. Why was £2 million of these funds used for the study and not used to compensate the remaining Veterans, surely the government should fund this research as they have with the commissioning of the 4th NRPB Study.

Is the Brunel study truly independent? Funded by government funds, the study is being completed with the upmost secrecy, controlled by a new charity the NCCF which was setup to run the AVF projects. Now completely separate from the BNTVA and the last remaining BNTVA input to the board has been severed with the removal of Alan Owen as a member of the Advisory board.

The House of Commons Library contains a standard note to MP's (SNSC-05145) which provides the background to the litigation cases and how other countries have treated their Nuclear Veterans.

House of Commons Library - SNSC-05145

Many questions remain, as to why was the Rowland study not used immediately and seized upon by the Nuclear Community across the world. This was the first study to prove that the participants of the British Tests had suffered genetic effects.

Was this the biggest opportunity missed by the Nuclear Communities across the world? Only time will tell, unfortunately thousands of Veterans who are no longer with us will never know.

The Brunel study may find the same damage as the Massey Study and we can then prove that the genetic effects on the Veterans and their families is beyond question. It is just too late for many who will never know that their suffering was caused by their participation at the tests.

The full House of Commons Library report - SNSC-05145 can be found here.

The Massey Study can be found here.

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