The fight continues across the world.

Dave Whyte

Throughout his life, Mr Whyte has campaigned for justice for the British Nuclear test Veterans.

With hundreds of letters, trials and Freedom of Information Requests, he has continued to put pressure on the UK government.

In 20212 Mr Whyte took the MoD to court for refusing to supply him with information about radiation levels he and thousands of veterans were expose to while serving in the armed forces.

The MoD initially said it did not hold the information Mr Whyte sought and could not send it to him under a FOI request.

After a legal contest at the Tribunals Court in London, the MoD later admitted the exposure records did exist and sent them to him. He continues to press the MoD for information on "true radiation doses" recorded on film sensor badges for entry to ground zero just hours after the atomic test blast in 1958.

Since that admisison by the MoD, Mr Whyte still does not have the answers and is continually rebuffed by the MoD, but he refuses to give up. His latest letter to Rt Hon Judge Howard discusses his case held on the 5th June 2018 which is now under review.

Can you imagine entering Ground Zero 2 hours after a detonation?

Mr Whyte also continues to fight for justice for all of the Atomic Veterans in the UK, following on from our Corporal Redman story, Mr Whyte asked the MoD for further information relating to Corporal Redman.

As you can see, the denial continues relating to Corporal Redman and his mysterious death. The MoD claiming they have no record of any examination carried out on Corporal Redman after his death, before his burial at sea.

We can all keep pressure on the governments, keep writing to your MP or congressman, keep writing to the local press and give us your stories to publish. Your input matters, we need as much pressure put on these governments as possible.

If you need any encouragement, the following Top Secret document on the tests carried out by governments across the world should provide it.

Every country that performed Atomic tests has experimented on human beings, the time has come for global recognition of these experiments.

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