Dalgety Bay - Radioactive Contamination - Dave Whyte

For many years, the beach at Dalgety Bay has been cordoned off due to radioactive concerns.

Dave Whyte, Nuclear Veteran has been following the story for many years. restrictions have been in place since 2006, with even tighter restrictions exposed since 2011, when the situation deteriorated.

Images from Courier & Advertiser 2021.

The public have been assured that a Fife beach contaminated with radioactive debris will be completely safe by 2023.

£10.5 million project will make the beach safe again. Radioactivity was first discovered at the headland in 1990. To blame are particles containing radium-226, which was in paint used to make aircraft dials luminous.

Dave Whyte wrote to the paper, who published his letter.

After 30 years, the Ministry of Defence are going to clean up the radiation contamination at Dalgety Bay, but what about the service personnel radiated in the British nuclear experiments of the 1950s / 60s?

If paint from luminous dials can close a beach for 30 years, what effects does witnessing an Atomic bomb have on personnel?

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