Radioactive Waste Dumped at Sea

Christmas Island saw many Nuclear Tests, the personnel exposed, the landscape changed forever.

More evidence is emerging of the scale of the negligence of the British Armed Forces.

In a document dated 6th November 1958, it is reported that eight sealed drums of Active waste were disposed of at sea on the 8th October 1958 and a further twenty two drums were disposed of on the 22nd October 1958.

These drums have now been in the Ocean for over 60 years, with corrosion and damage caused by the water, these drums would be leaking radioactive waste.

The IAEA (international Atomic Energy Authority) report suggests that 'The ocean, a source of many resources, is international territory whose water movements know no national boundaries. These facts imply that international collaboration is of the essence to prevent and combat global marine pollution. In 1958, the United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea recommended specifically that "the IAEA should pursue whatever studies and take whatever action is necessary to assist States in controlling the discharge or release of radioactive materials to the sea, in promulgating standards, and in drawing up internationally acceptable regulations to prevent pollution of the Sea by radioactive materials in amounts which would adversely effect man and his marine resources"'. The full report is available here

The dumping of active radioactive waste into the Ocean in sealed containers, knowing that in later years the containers would corrode is another decision that needs to be investigated. The drums clearly contained 'Active' waste, this waste collected by service personnel. if the waste was so hazardous to man that it had to be disposed of in the ocean, image the exposure the men received when putting it into the drums. Again, no documentary reports of how the drums were sealed, who prepared the drums can be found.

The dumping of waste has continued for years, as reported by CBRN.

The document also discusses a broken fan which led to radioactive hazards within the ducting of the fume cupboards between two buildings:

Did the fan ever get replaced and did the necessary precautions take place? The document showing the repair must exist, but who carried it out and were they protected?

The full document is referenced below:


How many more drums were dumped at sea? The waste was so active that the authorities decided to dump it miles away from land, but has it leaked? Are the drums still sealed or have they corroded? Are they leaking?

More unanswered questions and more damage to personnel and the environment by officials by experimentation.

Did any veterans who are alive today work in this area or were part of the party who dumped the waste? We would love to hear from you.

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