This communication perhaps should have been entitled, ‘THE LACK OF CO-OPERATION BY THE MINISTRY OF DEFENCE’.I have written to many Defence Ministers, and, with the exception of TWO (Mr Derek Twigg and Lord Moonie), I have received no communication from them.

This communication perhaps should have been entitled, ‘THE LACK OF CO-OPERATION BY THE MINISTRY OF DEFENCE’. I have written to many Defence Ministers, and, with the exception of TWO (Mr Derek Twigg and Lord Moonie), I have received no communication from them. There is the odd occasion that my letter is sent to a Civil Servant to answer for them. I started to wonder if I was being considered as a ‘Frustrated Peon’ by the Ministry of Defence by requesting such information on the results of the Experimental nuclear tests, or whether they were just obeying orders, if this was the case: Whose Orders?

These personnel take the posts in order to answer questions from the Public, and they receive a large remuneration for this service. I was always under the impression that a Member of Parliament was expected to be truthful, but I now see the true reality. Perhaps it is time they investigated (which is their task) the complaints given, and answered honestly the questions raised, without the necessity of handing the correspondence to the Faceless Wonders of the Civil Service. The records are available, are the Ministers NOT permitted to view them?

The lack of co-operation is not confined to Defence Ministers, I wrote to Gordon Brown on three separate occasions when he was the Prime Minister, regarding the Nuclear Veterans fight for Justice, he did not have the courtesy to reply, or have a member of his Staff acknowledge my correspondence.

We are regularly told that the ‘Human Guinea Pigs’ who attended the British experimental nuclear tests received little or no radiation, and that they would have received more radiation if they had remained in the UK. This is pure propaganda devised by the Ministry of Defence legal team in an attempt to avoid paying compensation to all of the Nuclear Veterans and their disabled Children. If the Ministry of Defence had the slightest proof that no ailments were caused by radiation, all nuclear Veterans would have had a full medical examination and blood tests carried out to prove their point. They know they have caused deaths and many ailments and are afraid to give the examinations which would prove the point, one way or the other.

I have asked previously, but received no answer: ‘Where in Queen’s regulations, is permission given for the Ministry of Defence to order Troops into dangerous conditions, without protective clothing and respirators?’

Any person who has attended these tests, or carefully reviewed the documentation held by the Ministry of Defence, must surely disagree with the Ministry of Defence idiotic statements. These false statements are made for the diet of the General Public who have no knowledge of radiation, or the effects of radiation on the human body.

L/Cpl Derek Redman was ‘Murdered’ by the Authorities, whether this was intentional or unintentional is debateable. Derek was a driver and he was ordered to take various Boffins to the area known as ‘Ground Zero’ after detonation of the largest hydrogen bomb Britain exploded. This was Grapple ‘Y’ on the 28th April 1958. The Authorities say the bomb was THREE Megatons, others, with more information than I, say it was nearer to EIGHT megatons.

L/Cpl Redman made numerous journeys to Ground zero and was in possession of a film badge every journey. This was to record the level of radiation he received. NINE days after the detonation, Derek Redman sadly passed away and burial at sea was quickly organised. He was a healthy Young Man and was given a full medical prior to his posting to Christmas Island, no ailments were discovered. It is stated his death was caused by ‘DIABETES’, where is the coroner’s report on this matter? What was the level of radiation he received? Neither of these questions have been answered as yet.

I would like to quote from JSP 410 Edition II Survive to fight:

Task 12: states

Personal Nuclear Decontamination.

You have to be able to:

a. Know the form radioactive contamination takes.

b. Know the effect that radiation will have on your body.

c. Be able to remove it from your person.

Study Notes

When a nuclear weapon bursts close to Earth’s surface, large quantities of dirt or water are drawn up with the hot air rising from the explosion. It becomes radioactive as it rises. Heavy debris will fall back close to the point of explosion but lighter particles are carried downwind to spread across the Earth’s surface as a carpet of ‘fallout’.

All radiation is dangerous to the body. Some of that within fallout causes burns if it lands on exposed skin and is a serious hazard if inhaled, swallowed or enters open wounds. Particularly dangerous is gamma radiation which causes ‘radiation sickness’ which takes the form of nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, general malaise and, with a high dose, eventually death.

Radioactive fallout can be recognised only by special instruments called dosimeters and dose-rate meters. You cannot destroy radiation but can protect yourself by removing fallout from your body and personal equipment as soon as possible by brushing, wiping, dusting or shaking. This should be done in an area where it will not be a hazard to you or others later on.

Task 12 appears to show the dangers of radiation. This was printed in 1990 for the Ministry of Defence as a training manual. This proves they know the dangers involved, but have turned a blind eye to the problems!

Radiation film badges issued to Servicemen mysteriously disappeared when they showed high levels of radiation. If we look at the film badges issued to the ‘Technical Services Forward Group’ (TSFG) for Operation Pennant we discover 14 film badges were issued, but only ‘TWO’ are recorded as being returned. This is a blatant lie. The Services are well known for accounting for everything, yet it was many years later that this miss-information was released. Why, was a full investigation not held at the time, if this was the case? No questions were raised regarding the missing film badges. I know, for fact, one of the film badges quoted as being returned, was issued to an individual who did not enter ground zero after detonation, he went straight to control at ‘C’ site. Records were kept at the decontamination centre showing the time the individuals left Ground Zero and returned their film badge and QFE Dosimeter. We are now notified these records cannot be found. I believe they were destroyed deliberately, or hidden from view, as the film badges showed the individuals had received a large dose of radiation, this shows the level of cowardice in the Ministry of Defence. I have definitive proof, the radiation level was far greater than the 0.2 mSv advocated by the Ministry of Defence.

There is a publication, ‘Grapple Z interim report’ numbered ES/1/602 which contains 190 sheets, I purchased a copy from the H M Stationary Department and only received 79 sheets. When I asked a Ministry of Defence expert witness at my First Tier Tribunal what had happened to the other 111 pages he replied, ‘They must have been classed as National Security.’

Within this report there was a graph, showing the Rate of the Radiation level of decay, but, the radiation levels for the graph had been removed. It took over FOUR years of Freedom of Information Questions, and then, a First Tier Tribunal to get the radiation levels for the graph. An apology was given, and stated:

‘In conclusion, it would appear that a single minor reprographics error has unfortunately given rise to a significant volume of work for everyone involved, which culminated in the Information Rights Tribunal Judgement. Clearly, this burden would have been avoided if the Department’s searches for the information in scope of your request had been conducted as successfully as those carried after the Tribunal’s preliminary judgement.’

The reference number of this letter was D/CIO/318/1/469 dated 9th May 2012. The excuse ‘Single Reprographics Error’ cannot be accepted, there are three separate graphs in the document, and none of them have radiation levels appended. This was a deliberate ploy to deny nuclear Veterans their rights to discover the level of radiation they had received. The TOP SECRET DOCUMENT dated 20th May 1953 gives a reason as thus: ‘The Army must discover the detailed effects of various types of explosion on equipment, stores and men with and without various types of protection.’

This was achieved by denying Service Personnel protective clothing and respirators and placing them on the Medical research programme MR185. The Civilian Staff were provided (mandatory to wear) protective clothing and respirators and placed on medical research programme MR183 & MR183A. This can only be described as blatant discrimination.

The radiation level 1 ½ hours after detonation was given as 1 Roentgen per hour = 10 mSv. It took NINE days (216 hours) for the radiation levels to return to normal working levels (whatever that may be!) That would work at a reduction of approximately ONE mSv per day. I entered ground Zero TWO hours after detonation and worked for 2 ½ hours. It is idiotic to suggest that the radiation at ground zero could be any less than NINE mSv per hour during my working period at ground zero, indeed, these measurements were taken from instruments housed within a bunker at ground zero and no allowance has been given for the ‘Half Value Thickness of this bunker. The Civil Defence appear to be more conversant with the ‘Half value thickness’ than the authorities at the Ministry of Defence.

If you wish to have copies of this documentation, which prove conclusively, that radiation levels were much higher than that recorded, please ask and I will gladly send them to you. ( The ‘CHARLATANS’ who devised these ridiculous levels of radiation given to the Veterans may also apply if they wish.

I believe most primary school Children would be able to point out the flaws in the assumption that only 2.4 mSv was received throughout my entire tour. Mr Cockerill should be forced, to attend court to state how he managed to make an error of this magnitude. Cockerill’s suggestion of 2.4 mSv for the entire year can only be described as ‘IDIOTIC’, did he work out this dosage? Or was he told what to say the dosage was? If he was, who told him?

One of the main ailments Nuclear Veterans complain of is infertility, there are many Veterans who have been denied their ‘God Given’ right to produce Children. The Ministry of Defence appear to be unable, or unwilling, to say how many personnel were rendered infertile. They are oblivious to the number of stillbirths, and miscarriages that have resulted from the radiation at the test sites, and they have no idea of the level of disabilities to the Veterans offspring. It would appear that ‘Brainless Thugs’ had been released from the asylum and put in charge of the nuclear programme.

I mentioned earlier that MURDER springs to mind with the death of L/Cpl Redman. There are many other deaths that can be contributed to the radioactive toxins from the nuclear bombs breathed in due to the position of no respirators being issued to Service personnel.

It appears that going to WPAFCC (War pension and Forces Compensation Chamber) is a complete waste of time. Only ‘KANGAROO COURTS’ are held for their First Tier Tribunals. Solicitors are chosen from their Departmental Offices and made ‘TEMPORARY JUDGES’. I have had four First Tier Tribunals with the WPAFCC, three at Edinburgh and one in London, all ‘KANGAROO COURTS’. My first case at Edinburgh did not discuss the Forged release medical Certificate which the Ministry of Defence had placed in my documents. Judge Gamble agreed my appeal and stated that the subject of the forgery must be discussed. The second First Tier Tribunal was convened, when I raised the topic of forgery the Legal Team for the Ministry of Defence conveniently pushed the matter aside. Judge Gamble again came to my assistance and arranged the third First Tier Tribunal. This turned out to be a total farce. The hearing took place in some works factory lecture room, there was only the Judge, a Panel Member and myself in attendance. The Ministry of Defence did not have the courage to send any person to give their meagre defence. It was blatantly obvious this was a further ‘KANGAROO COURT’ and I lost the case!

As I had a further hearing to be held in London, I decided against any further appeals at Edinburgh as I could see no sense in wasting any further expenditure on attending any further hearings at ‘KANGAROO COURTS’ .

I had expected an unbiased hearing in London but was sadly let down. This turned out to be yet another ‘KANGAROO COURT’. This case was heard on the 5th June 2018, the acting Judge, a Mr Lederman, who is a Solicitor and has an office in London, was appointed. Having been a Prison Officer for seventeen years at Pentonville Prison, I have attended many court cases in the area, (including twice as the Dock Officer at the ‘Old Bailey)’, it took very little time to realise that this, was a further travesty of Justice. My forged release medical certificate was again raised as their main defence. This proved to me: The ‘Lying Cowards’ did not wish to have a settlement with the Nuclear Veterans and their disabled Children.

Requests have often been made for all Nuclear Veterans to have an M-Band cytogenetic blood test carried out, but this is continually refused by the Ministry of Defence. Twenty individuals were apparently chosen to have the M-FISH blood test and the blood samples were then sent to the Leiden University in the Netherlands. The full results of this test have never been made public. Why were the samples sent to the Netherlands, rather than to Professor Evans (The cytogenetic Specialist) in Edinburgh?

Professor Evans did a ten year survey on 197 workers at Rosyth Dockyard, they dealt with the re-fuelling and servicing of the nuclear submarines. He gave these workmen regular M-FISH cytogenetic blood tests over this period.

His report states: “The incidence of chromosome aberrations in peripheral blood lymphocytes of 197 dockyard workers has been followed over a 10 year period. These workers were exposed to mixed neutron-y radiation during the refuelling of nuclear reactors, but most exposures were below the internationally accepted maximum permissible level of 5 rem per yr. There was a significant increase in chromosome damage with increasing exposure, aberration frequency was a linear function of dose and was influenced by age and time of blood sampling after exposure”.

When one reads this report, it is obvious the Ministry of Defence are attempting to lessen the degree of radiation received by the nuclear Veterans in order to avoid paying compensation for the deaths and ailments caused by these experimental devices.

The Government is continually telling us about the effects pollution is having on the world, yet, we dumped all our radioactive waste and domestic rubbish into the Pacific Ocean, think of the many thousands of beer and soft drink cans rotting on the sea bed as well as all of the radioactive waste.

It is time for the Ministry of Defence to be honest for a change, and divulge the secret information stored in their vaults. If the true copy of the original Compendium of radiation Film Badges and QFE Dosimeters were to be made available, not the adjusted copy made by their legal team, we would see a different result from the present. If, the Ministry of Defence were prepared to be truthful for a change, this matter could be settled quite quickly.

It is now 62 years since the Grapple ‘Y’ detonation, and due to the dedication and perseverance of Nuclear Veterans the inhumane treatment meted out by departments such as the Ministry of Defence towards the Nuclear Veterans is gradually beginning to surface.

We have been informed that all of the records dealing with these experimental nuclear tests are being moved to the North of Scotland where the Veterans will be denied the opportunity to review them. I cannot help feeling this will result in the inevitable destruction of all the incriminating documents by fire. I believe this will be blamed on a ‘Short’ in the electrical system, no one will be blamed.

The Law of this Country is being brought into disrepute, by the unlawful activities of the WPAFCC (War Pensions and Compensation Chamber). I say ‘Unlawful’: Has the Government approved this Action?

In conclusion, it would appear that the Ministry of Defence, in collusion with the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment (AWRE), have hidden many records from the Public and there is definitive proof that the radiation levels were far greater than that reported. The First Tier Tribunals are ‘KANGAROO COURTS’ where the result of the case has been decided, by an appointed Judge, prior to the case being held. Even ‘DIRECTIONS’ given by Honourable Judges are cast aside by these Courts and no action is taken against them.

I have pointed out the blatant lies expressed and the faults in the system. Let us now see if any person has the courage to bring this matter to the fore.

Dave Whyte

Nuclear Veteran

Christmas Island 1958

Operation Grapple ‘Y’ & ‘Z’

18 May 2020

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