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nuclear test veterans and their descendnats on the International Register of descendants

LABRATS are building an International register of atomic descendants which will provide statistical information for campaigns and to show Governments across the world that the testing program is still affecting over a million descendants worldwide. If you are a descendant of a participant in the Nuclear testing program, please register your details using this page. We will produce an overall number in each country. Please indicate if the participant was in the Military, a Scientist, a Civilian, or an Indigenous person.

This register will allow us to provide statistics on the number of descendants in each country across the world and that the Nuclear testing program continues to affect the families involved today.


Our voice is stronger in numbers and we estimate that there are over a million descendants of the participants of the tests. Your entry into the database will remain confidential and not disclosed to any third party at any time.


You can remove your entry by emailing details to and the entry will be deleted. All data is stored under the UK Data Protection Act 2018. LABRATS are registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) under registration ZA897366.

nuclear test veterans - LABRATS
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