Support and Dedication - A Thank You

The Daily Mirror has reported on the Nuclear Veterans, their fight for recognition and have supported the Nuclear Veterans for many decades.

Richard Stott who died in 2007, reported on the struggle, calling the veterans 'The Damned', his legacy is continued by Susie Boniface who has reported on the scandal since 2002.

Susie (The Fleet Street Fox) has written hundreds of articles relating to the Nuclear Test Veterans over many years. She has also produced one of the most informative websites ever ( For anyone who is interested in the history of the testing program, the true stories of the veterans and their families, you must take the time to visit the site.

No other cause has received so much support and dedication from one source over such a long period of time.

LABRATS are proud to be working in partnership with Susie and the Daily Mirror, there are many Charitable Organisations who would pay thousands for the coverage that Susie and the Daily Mirror have provided, free of charge.

Over many years, they have put together hundreds of articles, reporting on trials, interviewing veterans, their families and ensuring that the cause is never out of the headlines. Thousands of hours have been put into the cause.

You can read many of the stories that Susie has produced online via the Daily Mirrors archives, we have compiled a list of many of the articles that are available. For anyone who has not read these articles or the Damned, take the time to read them and look at the impact they have made. Without Susie and The Daily Mirror, the meeting with Gavin Williamson, the creation of the AMSC and the event in Parliament would never have happened.

Working very closely with Sir John Hayes MP and many other MP's ,together they have ensured that the Nuclear veterans are mentioned within Parliament, most recently in the Adjournment debate brought by Sir John.

When we thanked Sir John for his dedication and for his continued support of campaigning he replied:

"It is a pleasure and an honour"

In the words of Richard Stott

On behalf of many veterans, families and LABRATS, we would like to say Thank you to Susie, The Daily Mirror and to everyone (veterans, families, MP's, celebrities and supporters) who have campaigned over many years, many unfortunately no longer with us.

We will continue to Campaign as long as the injustice continues. Our fathers, grandfather and Great grandfathers deserve it.

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