Montebello Maps - 18 months after FOI request

After 18 months of waiting, the MoD have finally replied to our request for maps of the Montebello islands and the radiation exposure across the islands.

These maps finally arrived on the 17th December 2019 following the movement of the Nuclear Archives from Kew to the MoD.

These maps prove that the MoD are now in possession of the documents held at Kew.

A PDF containing the maps can be downloaded here


The fallout from the detonations has been meticulously documented, the government knew that the fallout would affect the islands, knew the levels and knew the effects. Yet they still continued to subject the brave servicemen to further tests in Maralinga and Christmas Island.

If there is this much detail relating to the Montebello tests, how much has been recorded for the further tests and does it show the devastation caused by the tests? The MoD are now in control of these documents, it is time in 2020 to admit that they knew of the dangers, but continued anyway.

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