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nuclear test veterans - LABRATS

advisory military sub-committee

On the 9th December 2020, the Advisory Military Sub-Committee denied a request from the British Nuclear Test Veterans for medallic recognition. This was after 2 years of waiting. This decision was devastating to the Atomic community. The AMSC will meet again in January 2021 after receiving evidence from the BNTVA and other sources and will review the decision. 

LABRATS have always campaigned for a medal for the Veterans, along with various other organisations, veterans, politicians, celebrities and the Daily Mirror, in particular Susie Boniface who has campaigned tirelessly for many years.

Since the decision we have worked with veterans and CHANV to produce evidence that the 'risk and rigour' element of the testing program was significant enough to award a medal to these veterans. We have now concluded our research and prepared a 28 page document containing documentation from various agencies, including the UK Government which has been sent to the AMSC before they meet again. The full report can be viewed below. Please use this report if you wish and send it to MP's and media outlets.

10th June 2021 - Update from the Committe. Despite the evidence, the committee do not feel that the award of a medal is justified.

nuclear test veterans - Medal Denial from AMSC and Charles Winstanley

UPDATE - On the 16th December 2021, the AMSC denied the latest application from the BNTVA. We are not surprised by this latest denial, the UK Government has denied any formal recognition (apart from David Cameron's words in the House of Commons) ever since Anthony Eden stated 'It is a pity, but we cannot help it'.

UPDATE - On the 21st November 2022, the UK Government awarded a commemorative medal to the participants of the British Nuclear Testing program. King Charles authorised the award. However, the AMSC refused to provide a 'campaign' medal, despite overwhelming evidence.

We will continue the fight for recognition through our #lookmeintheeye campaign in conjunction with the Daily Mirror.

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