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Independent Journalist

Susie has reported on the UK nuclear test veterans’ campaign for justice in the Sunday Mirror and Daily Mirror since 2002.

She has covered the 2009 High Court case against the MoD, the 2007 Al Rowland cytogenetic study, and in 2018 the return of several veterans to Christmas Island.

Susie created the DAMNED website to tell the story of veterans around the world. It covers every UK test from Operation Hurricane in 2002, detailing the scientific achievements, genetic legacy and human fallout of the testing programme. It is a resource for all those interested in the nuclear tests to learn about the personal stories of those who took part, and the effect it had on their families. It also serves as an online memorial to all those case studies she covered.

She welcomes contact for any news stories, and if you would like your story to be included on the website.

Susie was a reporter for many years and now works as a columnist under the pseudonym Fleet Street Fox, and also lectures in journalism.

Her Daily Mirror profile can be found here

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