nuclear test veterans - The Stage - Lilly Adams & LABRATS

Lilly is a consultant specializing in nuclear weapons outreach and policy issues. She currently works as an outreach consultant with the Union of Concerned Scientists in their Global Security Program. She was recently awarded a grant with the Ploughshares Fund Women’s Initiative for a project to build connections with nuclear frontline communities and amplify issues of nuclear justice.


The goal of this project is to connect nuclear frontline communities with those in the national/Washington D.C. nuclear disarmament community, so that these two groups can more easily collaborate and raise awareness of the issues facing frontline communities. She is creating a database/directory of local frontline community organizations, leaders, and experts, including their current projects and goals, and opportunities they see for collaboration with DC-based organizations, as well as other nuclear frontline communities.


The database will include organizations and individuals from the following communities: the Marshallese, atomic veterans, indigenous people affected by uranium mining, workers and residents near nuclear production/waste sites, and US communities exposed to nuclear testing. The database will also have a section on national/DC based disarmament groups and the issues they work on. At the end of the project, she will host an online training and create resources on how to use the database, and will share and distribute the database widely.     

The database and website are available at -