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Today's blog is a request for help. Fern Crofts is 14 and her grandfather was present for Grapple X on Christmas island.

This is her story. If you can donate, please click here.

My name is Fern Crofts and I am 14 years old.

My Grandad was present at Grapple X on Christmas Island.  Sadly due to this I have health issues.

In the summer of 2020, I will be a very proud participant of camp Borneo.  This is a four-week expedition where, I dedicate my time to working alongside the local community to help alleviate poverty, drought, human and animal conflict as well as promote education throughout Borneo.  I will see first-hand the poverty that we do not see, the everyday challenges that as individuals they face and I will try and support them while at the same time working alongside and being educated by them.  For example, I will learn about tree regeneration, which is necessary because of the increased use of palm oil.

Being in Borneo for a month gives me the opportunity to fully immerse myself in the culture or rural Borneo. Not only will I see the amazing countryside and animals but I will also experience the indigenous people’s way of life and the everyday challenges they face with regards to health, education, farming and the bigger basic challenges of clean water, food and a roof over their heads.

Even though I see this as a daunting experience the benefits I will get out of such a trip as well as the challenge to raise the money to travel, completely overrule my trepidation.

I have been fortunate enough to visit other countries but I have never truly experienced a country through the eyes of the local communities and this gives me that opportunity.  For example, my education (which is at times challenging) is free and accessible, our health service is just a phone call away with easy 24 hour access but what is available for the people of Borneo?  Just a couple of questions I hope to answer, compare and understand. 

My reasons for undertaking this adventure are varied.  However, ultimately, they provide me with the opportunity to expand my understanding of the world, see first-hand the struggles the less fortunate have and the opportunity to help and make a difference by offering my services to communities who are not as privileged as me.  I also hope and believe this opportunity will be character building and will help me turn my shyness into confidence, my apprehension into amazement and my self-doubt into self-worth.

This trip is as you can imagine expensive and to help pay for it I am carrying out a number of fund raising activities and to add to them, I would like to ask for your help and support.  Any donation of sponsorship you are able to make will be very gratefully received and I will be pleased to give you a report and feedback on my return from Borneo.  I truly believe this is an opportunity for me to respect and make a difference to the lives of others.

Just a little more about myself.

I live with my Mum and Dad and they both instil the importance of hard work, dedication and respect.  I have an older sister called Holly who is 16.  Holly, experienced Camp Kenya in 2018 and I have seen the way it has changed her character and how she provided practical help during her trip.  I have 2 dogs and a chicken.  I love riding horses and I spend a lot of my free time helping out at a local riding school.  I especially enjoy helping the younger kids develop their riding skills.

I have starting my Duke of Edinburgh Award and I am also a Police Cadet.  I love animals and the thought of being able to help the Orangutans, in their natural and yet decreasing habitat makes me feel very honoured.

Fund raising.  Completed so far are regular car washes and cake sales.  Already in the planning phase are bingo nights, car boot stalls, the gear fun run and an open-air cinema.  If you have any other ideas they will be gratefully received.

If you can donate, please click here.

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