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Updated: May 10

In a follow up to our post regarding the Libor Funds, further documents have emerged regarding the management costs that the Nuclear Community Charity Fund are paying to a previous BNTVA Chairman to run manage their portfolio of projects.

Be warned, this will shock you!

In a quotation dated 01/12/2016, which has been published by Fissionline, which can be read by visiting, BH Associates provided a breakdown of the costs for managing the portfolio of projects for NCCF Phase II for three years from 01/04/2017.

The breakdown is as follows:

Legal Agreements - TOTAL COST - £3,680.00

46 hours of Legal agreements, document negotiation, preparation and completion at £80.00 per hour. Yet both directors have no legal expertise or qualifications.

Financial Records - TOTAL COST - £12,960.00

288 hours of financial record maintenance at £45.00 per hour. Yet both directors have no financial qualifications.

Financial Management - TOTAL COST £4,320.00

96 hours of financial management of grant invoicing & contractual payments at £45.00 per hour. Yet both directors have no financial qualifications.

Project Progression - TOTAL COST £54,000.00

1500 hours of individual project progression management, monitoring & reporting at £36.00 per hour.

Provision & Running Comms System - TOTAL COST £34,200.00

950 hours of provision and running of comms system at £36.00 per hour, yet the NCCF use Google Docs which is free to Charitable organisations.

Provision of Interact Licences (12 per annum) - TOTAL COST £3,600.00

36 licences to run an interactive system for grant processing based on Google Docs.

Attending meetings and Conferences - TOTAL COST £145,069.00

Travel and subsistence and time, 60 days over 3 years, This equates to £2,417.00 per day!

Sundries & Office Costs - TOTAL COST £46,000.00

This equates to approximately £295 per week in sundries and office costs, yet BH Associates is run from Mr Heaps house in Stonehills, they have no office.

Press & Media Events - TOTAL COST £36,000.00

So far there have been two press & media events, one at Brunel and one at the BNTVA conference in Weston Super Mare. £18,000 each!

Contingency, Fees & Inflation - TOTAL COST £4,980.00

This is obviously a slush fund just in case.

TOTAL PAYABLE TO BH ASSOCIATES FOR 3 YEARS IS A STAGGERING £344,809.00, we equates to £9,578 per month! or £2,210 per week.

After speaking to a former trustee who was a member of the board during this time, they told us:

"I knew nothing about this quotation, I have never seen it before. If I had seen this, I would never have allowed this sort of outrageous payments to be made. How can a former Chairman and descendant charge these ludicrous amounts. It is disgraceful."

Following investigations, Mr Liddiatt who was Chairman at the time, accepted the quotation on behalf of the board without any consultation or vote.

In the latest edition of Campaign Magazine, the NCCF quote from beneficiaries who have received help, perhaps they need to showcase BH Associates and their directors, Nigel Heaps and Steve Bexon who take home £1,105 each a week from the fund.

Now to make matters even more complicated, it is reported that a new UK Charity will be setup by Mr Heaps, OBSIVEN. This Charity will be the UK arm of OBSIVEN France and will benefit from NCCF funds and free advertising in the Exposure magazine. And who will also be the treasurer, Mr Liddiatt. So how can he be treasurer of NCCF and OBSIVEN at the same time?

Is this a misuse of public funds and a conflict of interest? How can BH Associates manage the portfolio of projects when Mr Heaps is a board member of OBSIVEN who receive financial assistance from the NCCF?

Or is it because the cash cow that BH Associates have benefited from for the last 3 years is coming to an end and now they need to find some other way of extracting money from the fund which was intended to provide for the Veterans. In an article written in 2014 when Mr Heaps was chairman of the BNTVA and demanding £25 million from the UK Government, he stated when commenting on the Massey Study:

"At the end of the day, we know what the result will be and we know what use the result is; it does not advance our campaign one inch or so, unless we are in the business if wasting members time and money just to line the pockets of some scientist"

Yet the NCCF are giving Brunel University over £2 million to perform a similar study. Perhaps the incentive of lining his own pockets was a factor when considering what to spend the money on. With the new Charity setup, the circle is complete. He has control of the NCCF portfolio, received hundreds of thousands of pounds through his business and will receive financial assistance from NCCF funds through OBSIVEN to run the new Charity.

The £2.4 million could of been put to better use to help the Veterans, instead we have a study which may verify the findings of the Massey study and prove DNA damage, but will not link it to cancers and illness and we have a wealthy ex-Chairman who wrote the application and has become the highest paid beneficiary from it. The Brunel study will take years to be peer reviewed and for many veterans it is already too late.

The NCCF have a PO Box for all correspondence:

NCCF, PO Box 8244, Castle Donington, DE74 2BY.

This PO Box is also shared by OBSIVEN and The Boutique Hamper Company.

But who are the Boutique Hamper Company? They are a company operating from the same address (Mr Heaps house), owned by his partner Rebecca Barnes. I am sure the NCCF board have been fuly informed that they are sharing the PO Box with two other organisations, including a trading company. The question is are the NCCF paying for the PO Box?



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