LABRATS International has evolved from Nuclear Veterans Worldwide. This is our history. (We will update this page as people and organisations are added/ removed from the directory, or there are any other significant moments)

22nd May 2018 - Nuclear Veterans Worldwide logo is created by Mr Smith for Mr A Owen, based on the Still Engaging an Invisible Enemy logo which was also created for Mr Owen both paid for from personal funds. Both images are copyright Mr A Owen. Images are provided to the BNTVA for their use in the medal campaign and on literature to promote Nuclear Veterans Worldwide.

27th May 2018 - Nuclearvets.com domain name registered by Mr A Owen and paid for from personal funds.

September 2018 - At a board meeting of the BNTVA at Sand Bay, Pontins, Nuclear Veterans Worldwide is introduced as an individual project controlled by Mr Owen. The BNTVA board agree to support it and promote it to get Worldwide recognition and awareness for the Veterans. It is unanimously agreed by the board that this is not a BNTVA project, but will help Mr Owen as much as they can. It is agreed that information can be cross posted from the BNTVA to Nuclear Veterans Worldwide to ensure maximum awareness. This was on the understanding that no funds from the BNTVA are to be used for Nuclear Veterans Worldwide and Mr Owen must financially support the venture.

September 2018 - Nuclear Veterans Worldwide is presented at the National Association of Atomic Veterans in Portland Oregon and NAAV asked to join the directory.

October 2018 - March 2019 - Directory of interested organisations created, with the BNTVA and FALLOUT being the founder members. NZNTVA, Living Islands, Fissionline, NAAV all added.

5th March 2019 - Facebook page created.

May 2019 - Susan Musselwhite introduces Nuclear Veterans Worldwide at the BNTVA Conference at Chateau Impney.

September 2019 - Nuclear Veterans Worldwide is presented at the National Association of Atomic Veterans in Ohio.

September 2019 - May 2020 - Videos, research documents, links and members are added to the Directory.

18th May 2020 - NCCF ask to be removed from the directory. This is actioned at their request.

15th June 2020 - LABRATS is created as an unincorporated Charity in the UK. The three founding trustees are Alan Owen, Susan Musselwhite and Melanie Owen. 

24th June 2020 - Nuclear Veterans Worldwide becomes LABRATS. Nuclearvets.com domain is shutdown and and information is transferred to www.labrats.international. All members and subscribers to the site are emailed introducing the name change and informed that their entry can be updated  or removed at anytime.

24th June 2020 - Facebook page updated and new Twitter account created. (@atomiclabrats)

14th July 2020 - BNTVA Chairman asks for MoD documents and 60 at 60 videos to be removed from the site. This is actioned immediately at their request.

18th July 2020 - VFP Golden rule are added to the directory.

28th July - Still Here (75th Anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki) are added to the directory.

4th August 2020 - BNTVA board ask for their entry in the directory to be removed. This is actioned immediately at their request.

4th August 2020 - BNTVA board ask for the FALLOUT entry in the directory to be removed. This is actioned immediately at their request.

11th August 2020 - Paul Griego added to the Directory

25th August 2020 - Book library updated

1st September 2020 - Nic Maclellan added to the Directory

12th September 2020 - LABRATS (LEGACY OF THE ATOMIC BOMB. RECOGNITION FOR ATOMIC TEST SURVIVORS) CIC Company number 12874772 is incorporated  under the Companies Act 2006 as a Community Interest Company; is a private company, that the company is limited by guarantee, and the situation of its registered office is in England and Wales.

20th September 2020 - LABRATS becomes an official ICAN Partner. ICAN added to the directory.

29th September 2020 - The Atom Project added to the directory.

30th September 2020 - LABRATS ICO Registration added - ZA791344.

1st October 2020 - Beyond Nuclear International added to the directory.

19th October 2020 - LABRATS becomes a member of the CIC Association.

31st October 2020 - Joseph Mangano added to the Directory.

1st November 2020 - LABRATS joins the working group for Marshall Islands Nuclear Remembrance Day 2021.

16th November 2020 - Menu re-design.

30th November 2020 - ATOM Publication added. Subscriptions for quarterly publication added.

1st December 2020 - Nuclear Free Local Authorities added to websites.

4th December 2020 - Health Survey pages updated with Infographics and College of the Marshall Islands added.

15th December 2020 - Ernie Rogers story link added to websites.

15th December 2020 - Amanda Coates added to the Directory.

16th December 2020 - Veterans4Families link added. LABRATS join the Veterans4Families directory.

29th December 2020 - All links to BNTVA removed at organisations request.

3rd January 2021 - New Marshall Islands Video section added.

4th January 2021 - Jaroslav Krasny added to Directory.

7th January 2021 - International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War added to website links.

12th January 2021 - TM Fitzgerald added to the Directory.

13th January 2021 - LABRATS sign the Armed Forces Covenant in the UK.

24th January 2021 - ATOM publication added

22nd February 2021 - We welcome Susan Musselwhite & Melanie Owen to the Board of Directors


24th February 2021 - Aotearoa Lawyers For Peace added to the Directory 

25th February 2021 - REACH-MI added to the Directory

26th February 2021 - Eric Barton added to the Board of Directors

9th April 2021 - Still Glowing added to the Directory

11th April 2021 - Nuclear Nightmare poem by G F Coggon added to the site.

25th April 2021 - TikTok and Instagram links added

6th May 2021 - Hiroshima Links Added

9th May 2021 - Remediation of Contaminated Lands - The Maralinga Lessons added

9th May 2021 - Maralinga and the Disposal of Nuclear Waste added

9th May 2021 - The Effects of High-Yield Nuclear Explosions added

16th May 2021 - Tularosa Basin Downwinders Consortium added to the Directory.

4th June 2021 - Twitter Pages Updated

4th June 2021 - DOMINIC RECA UK added to the Directory.

10th June 2021 - Letter of refusal from AMSC added.

10th June 2021 - LABRATS becomes a member of Social Enterprise UK and can display the Certified Social Enterprise logo.

21st June 2021 - Nuclear Savage added as a link.

29th June 2021 - DOMINIC RECA UK Remembrance Day Video added

29th June 2021 - Imperial War Museum Video Links added

14th July 2021 - Further research papers added

16th July 2021 - Multi-Currency added to the site. ($USD)

29th July 2021 - Ten French videos added to the site.

1st August 2021 - ICMGLT added to the directory.

29th August 2021 - Dennis Hayden 'UK's Nuclear Scandal' page added

1st September 2021 - ATR page amended with new logo's

7th September 2021 - New French Video added

9th September 2021 - Marshall Islands Videos added

15th September 2021 - French Group - Nucléaire : de l'Algérie au Pacifique added

19th September 2021- ATR page updated.

30th September 2021 - ATR page updated. iRAD updated.

4th October 2021 - LABRATS Academy link added.

11th October 2021 - 6 new French Videos added

22nd October 2021 - RUNIT Dome video added and tidy up of mobile layout.

31st October 2021 - Further ATR videos added and Australian videos added.

9th November 2021 - Glen Hoffmann tribute video added to the site.

14th November 2021 - Kyoto Association added to the directory.

5th December 2021 - Gordon Coggon videos added.

12th December 2021 - Full Gordon Coggon video added and Colour video of USA tests.

13th December 2021 - #lookmeintheeye videos added. More USA videos added.

19th December 2021 - AMSC Denial decision updated on AMSC page.

21st December 2021 - Videos added (300 videos reached)

3rd January 2022 - Gordon Lowe Collection added.

5th February - 2022 seminar added.

16th February 2022 - More videos added and Seminar page updated.

10th March 2022  - ATR page updated.

25th March 2022 - more videos added and front page updated.