We are a large and diverse association of people based in the British Isles and Continental Europe. We all have family, social, cultural and/or (past) employment links to the Republic of Kiribati. This is an island country in the central Pacific Ocean formed from the Kingsmill and the Gilbert Groups of islands: they formed part of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands Protectorate of Great Britain and the Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony. Look here for more about Kiribati.

The Association was set up in April 1994 by several families of mixed marriage between former colonial staff and aid workers from Britain, and I-Kiribati and Tuvaluans. Their aim was to bring together other similar families and other I-Matang or Palagi who had lived and worked in or have other links to Kiribati and Tuvalu, and to support I-Kiribati and Tuvaluan visitors while they are in Europe. In August 2006, the Tuvaluan community decided to branch off to form their own organisation, and the name of the organisation was changed.

The Association is a non-profit organisation and its main activities are social and cultural. It stages an annual get-together for all members and friends in July, a small part of which is given over to an annual meeting of members. This annual meeting appoints unpaid officials who form the General Committee and holds these officials accountable through a reporting process. The Association and its Committee have relied in the past on an annual newsletter, published in November, to communicate with members, but from 2003, this is being supplemented by this web site. The Committee welcomes any proposals from all members for the betterment of the Association.