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Research Associate, 1989-2000; Executive Director, 2000- present.  Expert on issues of health risks from exposure to radioactivity from nuclear weapons and reactors.  Activities include:


1. Conducted research and published 34 medical journal articles, letters, and conference proceedings

2. Wrote 61 editorials, 21 letters to the editor, and 3 books

3. Directed study measuring radioactive Strontium-90 in baby teeth near nuclear plants

4. Led relations with elected officials, media, governing board, and advocacy groups

5. Participated in 30 press conferences on research findings

6. Provided written and spoken testimony to 19 government agencies




MBA in Management, Fordham University, New York NY, 1985

MPH in Health Administration, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill NC, 1978

BA in Political Science, North Carolina State University, Raleigh NC, 1976




Author, Mad Science: The Nuclear Power Experiment.  OR Books, 2012.

Author, Radioactive Baby Teeth: The Cancer Link.  Lightning Source, 2008.

Author, Low-Level Radiation and Immune System Damage.  CRC Press/Lewis, 1998.

Acknowledged in The Enemy Within.  Four Walls Eight Windows, 1996.

Acknowledged in Deadly Deceit.  Four Walls Eight Windows, 1990.




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HUFFINGTON POST ESSAYS (all written with Samuel Epstein MD):

"Nuclear Power Causes Cancer: What Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know” August 4, 2009.

"Reflecting on the 65th Anniversary of the First A-Bomb" July 16, 2010.

"Nuke Accident Would Dwarf Oil Spill" August 2, 2010.



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COUNTERPUNCH ESSAYS (all written with Janette Sherman MD):

"The Dangerous Myths of Fukushima."  March 9-11, 2012.

"Fukushima's Nuclear Casualties."  August 15, 2012.

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