GCLINVEST is an independant scientific aid company founded by Jean-François Grenot.

In 2018 he left the board of directors of AVEN and also that of OBSIVEN in a voluntary way to avoid any conflict of interest by creating a scientific investigation aid company.

From 2011 to 2018, he contributed widely on the scientific, legal and political level, to the growth of these 2 Associations.


He has been voluntarily in the shadows, but he remains extraordinarily surprised by his peers, to stay there by probably putting aside a 7-year work for veterans and their descendants.

A new study Generad will serve the entire international community of victims of nuclear trials and above all prevent the risks of pregnancy in these families affected.

Jean-François GRENOT
Clinical Research Project Manager Freelance
14 rue des Gardénias
tel +33 6 68 33 96 95