Whilst not a formal organisation, we have been very active as group to promote and publicize our Governments denial to offer our 1977-1980 cleanup mission participants the same healthcare offered to Atomic Test era Veterans.

The website and public Facebook page was created by Frank Bolton to increase public exposure and to find other surviving participants.

Our main focus is to help each other with information and moral support during challenging times.

Our secondary focus is to urge Congress to change the current laws and recognize soldiers of the cleanup mission as “veterans who participated in radiation-risk activities during active service.”

By obtaining this goal, we will be eligible to apply for funds set-aside for those who experience health complications due to radiation exposure at Enewetak Atoll.

Atomic Debris Cleanup Participants are not included in the U.S. Government’s definition because “Congress has not created any presumptions for veterans or civilians based on residual contamination of nuclear tests at Enewetak Atoll.


We served our country by participating in the Enewetak Atoll Atomic Debris Cleanup Mission. The Marshallese People have returned to their homeland. The U.S. Government awarded us Humanitarian Medals for our efforts and we appreciate their praise.

However, many of our survivors and their families have health challenges that are not inexpensive. The Justice Department has ruled for medical funds to be available for those who participated in radiation-risk activities during active service, but Congress has refused to include cleanup participants in that definition.

As a result of this group, we have reconnected with approximately 800 Participants. 

There are also a number of other Facebook groups as part of the group:

Enewetak Atoll Clean-up Vets. is a private Facebook group moderated by Gary Pulis, Richard Masculine (deceased), Girard Frank Bolton III, Paul Laird (deceased) and Mark Sargent. https://www.facebook.com/groups/120395714769077/


Lojwa Animals is a private Facebook group moderated by Beverly Androl and David Roach.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/LOJWAANIMALS/


Lojwa Animal Pound  is a public Facebook group moderated by Beverly Androl and David Roach.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/653341041417596/

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