nuclear test veterans - LABRATS - Operation Dominic 1962

Did your father or grandfather participate in the Atmospheric Nuclear tests as part of Operation Dominic in 1962?


Even if they are no longer alive, they maybe entitled to compensation under the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act.


This includes UK service personnel who witnessed an atmospheric test, but unfortunately not cleanup crews.

The United States Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) allows "onsite participants" at atmospheric nuclear weapons tests who can claim participation in an onsite test and have had subsequent diagnosis of a specified disease to claim a lump sum payment of $75,000 even if they are a UK serviceman.

nuclear test veterans - LABRATS - Operation Dominic 1962
nuclear test veterans - LABRATS - RECA Program - Eric Barton

Eric Barton is our Operation Dominic Representative. Eric was present on Christmas Island during the tests. If you require any information, please email e.barton@labrats.international or call +44 7484 699705

The Act covers the participation onsite in a test involving the atmospheric detonation of a nuclear device.  “Onsite” means duty above or within the Pacific Test Sites, the Nevada Test Site, the South Atlantic Test Site, the Trinity Test Site, any designated location within a naval shipyard, air force base, or other official government installation where ships, aircraft or other equipment used in an atmospheric nuclear detonation were decontaminated; or any designated location used for the purpose of monitoring fallout from an atmospheric nuclear test conducted at the Nevada Test Site.  “Atmospheric detonations of nuclear devices” means only those tests conducted by the United States prior to January 1, 1963.  A claimant must establish both participation onsite in a test involving the atmospheric detonation of a nuclear device and a subsequent diagnosis of a specified compensable disease.  The Act’s implementing regulations define a “period of atmospheric nuclear testing” as including the six-month period thereafter. Given that, there is the potential for a veteran to satisfy the Act’s exposure eligibility criteria by establishing that he or she was assigned to a test site in the six months after a test series was completed.

What happens if the serviceman is not alive?


Even if the serviceman is no longer alive, the family can claim, including children and grandchildren.


- It does not matter if the person has died. There is no time limit on the date of their death

- If their widow has died, the children or grandchildren can claim


I do not have all of the paperwork


If you do not have all of the information, still apply. The justice department have the means to get the paperwork and will help with the application. Apply before the deadline.


Current Deadline


There is a deadline of July 10 2022. Any claim after this time is barred.


What are the diseases that I can claim for?


- leukemia, but NOT chronic lymphocytic leukemia

- primary cancer of the thyroid

- primary cancer of the pancreas

- multiple myeloma

- primary cancer of the female breast

- primary cancer of the pharynx

- primary cancer of the male breast

- lymphoma, other than Hodgkin’s disease

- primary cancer of the esophagus

- primary cancer of the small intestine

- primary cancer of the bile ducts

- primary cancer of the salivary gland

- primary cancer of the liver (except if cirrhosis or hepatitis B is indicated)

- primary cancer of the brain

- primary cancer of the stomach

- primary cancer of the gall bladder

- primary cancer of the urinary bladder

- primary cancer of the lung

- primary cancer of the colon

- primary cancer of the ovary


Further information can be found at https://www.justice.gov/civil/common/reca


This compensation program is administered by the US Justice department. All participants of Operation Dominic who witnessed an atmospheric test no matter which country they are from can claim.


UK participants who meet the criteria have been successful in receiving the compensation, but there are a lot more who do not know about the program who may be eligible. We need to raise awareness of this compensation before 2022 to allow them to claim.


LABRATS can help with any claim, we will help with the claim form and give advice to any family who believe they are eligible. Our representative has helped many families receive their compensation. Email Eric Barton at e.barton@labrats.international and he will help you.


Do not waste this opportunity, this Act entitles you to compensation if you are eligible. We only have until July 2022. Act now. Check if your father or grandfather was an Operation Dominic participant and if they suffered from any of the conditions listed above.


Over $2 Billion dollars has been awarded under the RECA program