Chiba, Japan

I came of age during the rapid expansion of nuclear energy and the protest movements against nuclear weapons. I was appalled by disasters at Three Mile Island and Chernobyl and was always amazed that they didn’t provoke a stronger rejection of nuclear technologies. In 2011, I had been living in Japan for seventeen years, and that is when the nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima pushed me to take up a research project about the nuclear age.


I had some moderate success with that by writing a blog that accumulated 250,000 views over five years, then I was able to turn some of those blog posts into a book in 2018. Nuclear veterans and civilians affected by nuclear testing may find my blog posts on French Polynesia to be of interest. I wrote several translations of materials written in France and Polynesia.



Book: Sayonara Nukes (Glocal Studies, Seijo University, 2018)

free ebook edition here:

The Center for Global Studies will send a free copy to interested institutions, groups and researchers (i.e. anyone who expresses an interest) as long as supplies last. The book was published non-commercially with grant money, so it is not available in retail stores.