As part of the LABRATS Education, Recognition and Awareness (ERA) program, we are asking any member of the community in the UK to contact your MP and arrange a meeting with them or send them a letter via email or in the post. We have posted a template letter below for you to use, If you do not know who your MP is, you can find out by entering your postcode in the site below.  Everyone in the UK who is connected by the test, should send their MP a letter, many are new to the position and are not aware of the testing program or the medal campaign.

Meeting Request Letter

(Cut and paste this text)

Dear (replace with the name of your MP)

This year is the 75th anniversary of Operation Trinity, the first detonation of a nuclear device. This was followed a short time later with the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which led to the surrender of Japan and the end of WW2 in the Far-East.

This initial detonation has led to a proliferation of nuclear weapon testing around the World. The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres stated that “The history of nuclear testing is one of suffering, with the victims of more than 2000 tests often from the most vulnerable communities of the World.

The United Kingdom’s testing programme which ran from 1952 to 1964 has caused suffering to the native Australian population

and to the inhabitants of the small Pacific island of Kiritima (Christmas Island). Along with these native populations, there were around 22000 British servicemen involved in these tests, many of these servicemen have died from a multitude of rare and unexplained illnesses, a large number of their wives had miscarriages, often multiple, and many of their descendants are now suffering from various unexplained illnesses.

LABRATS International is now campaigning for Education, Recognition and Awareness of the global effects of the testing program and is campaigning on behalf of the survivors.

For years successive Governments have denied that these deaths and illnesses were in anyway linked to the servicemen’s presence at these tests. At present the British Nuclear Veterans Association is campaigning for the Government to award a medal to the men involved in these tests, we wait, but time is running out, as we the veterans grow older.

I would like to request a meeting with you as your constituent, to discuss how you can support us in our fight for recognition.

Yours sincerely

Medallic Recognition Letter

(Cut and paste this text)


In answer to a question in Parliament on the 6th of December 2018, regarding the award of a medal for service during Nuclear Weapons testing, the following answer was given, “the Committee on the Grant of Honours, Decorations and Medals recommended to Her Majesty The Queen that the Advisory Military Sub-Committee be re-instituted earlier this year.Her Majesty graciously agreed to their request.”


Since then the AMSC has met several times, but there has been no details of any outcome from these meetings, but we see in the media that on the 31st July, 36 people were awarded Peerages and 2 people Knighthoods. If the committee that looks into the award of Peerages can come to a decision in under 6 months on these high level awards, I wonder why it has taken another committee nearly 2 years to fail to reach a decision on the award a simple medal for the unique service we gave our country.


The award of a medal would finally acknowledge what has been said in Parliament many times, “The Government continues to recognise and be grateful to all Servicemen who participated in the British nuclear testing programme. They contributed to keeping our nation secure during the Cold War and since, by ensuring that the UK was equipped with an appropriate nuclear capability”. While we await the outcome of this committee’s decision, more veterans will have passed away; time is running out for the remaining few of us veterans that are still here.


We are a unique group of men that have witnessed one or more nuclear explosions. I hope that we can have an early closure to this ongoing debate and the nuclear veterans will finally be awarded the medal which they justly deserve.


Yours sincerely

Susan Musselwhite has already spoken to her MP, listen to her video below.


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